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Annabelle or Annabel?

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harverina Thu 30-May-13 08:37:39

I am Scottish and like the idea of having a name with some sort of Scottish origin or link. Really like Annabel or annabelle but not sure what spelling is appropriate?

I already have an Eilidh grin

anaotchan Fri 31-May-13 14:13:08

Annabelle. Probably because I'm French and it kind of irks me to see the adjective not properly declined for gender ("bel" is the masculine form, "belle" the feminine form).

and yes, it's a very old-fashioned name in French. But still pretty :-)

harverina Fri 31-May-13 17:12:28

Thanks everyone. I felt it was timeless in the sense that no matter what age you are it doesn't sound ridiculous iykwim?

Hashtagwhatever Fri 31-May-13 17:13:16


SleepyCatOnTheMat Fri 31-May-13 20:30:16

Annabelle is currently more popular than Annabel, but Annabel has remained in more or less the same position on the England and Wales name charts over the last decade whereas Annabelle has greatly increased in popularity, and therefore will probably decrease in popularity i.e. Annabel is the more timeless of the two. Annabel was also the name of a Scottish queen.

SingleBelle Fri 31-May-13 20:52:06

Anaocchan, does Juliet bother you in the same way? or Vivien? (just wondering). I prefer the simpler versions myself.

angusandelspethsthistlewhistle Fri 31-May-13 21:54:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harverina Fri 31-May-13 23:44:12

That's helpful sleepy thanks. Picking a name is such a responsibility! I don't actually love any names!

anaotchan Sun 09-Jun-13 08:27:05

SingleBelle, not Juliet and Viven don't "bother" me! ;-)

(it's really specific to the "bel" in "Annabel", because it's a masculine form in French, so it makes it look like a grammar mistake. But then the baby's not French, so don't mind me!)

Stixswhichtwizzle Mon 10-Jun-13 22:18:49

Annabel is better imo

harverina Wed 12-Jun-13 23:05:01

I'm not too worried about the spelling being grammatically correct in France - more worried how it will lookin Scotland, but I am guessing by the responses that either would actually be ok.

I like the look of annabelle more but I feel that Annabel is probably more appropriate on Scotland.

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