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CrimsonRed Sun 26-May-13 05:42:15

We really love Ava for our little girl, but are afraid it is too popular... so are now thinking Avalon.

What do you think of Avalon?....

mathanxiety Thu 30-May-13 04:45:21

Toyota Avalon. It is a very nice car. Accelerates well and v comfortable.

lisianthus Thu 30-May-13 01:08:09

You know it's also a model of Toyota, right? The Toyota Avalon is a fairly popular car, too.

rrreow Wed 29-May-13 14:56:49

I really like it as a name, but in the first instance (not having any previous associations with it) I'd think it was a boy's name.

JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 29-May-13 08:56:03

It makes me think of a place like Atlantis grin
The raiders of Avalon

Ava is nice though - as is avie

marthabear Tue 28-May-13 10:30:24

My daughter has Avalon as her middle name. I think it is a beautiful name and not tampon like at all ( though obviously I use a mooncup) ;-)

squoosh Sun 26-May-13 21:18:15

Love the Roxy Music song of the same name.

I'd assume an Avalon came from hippy stock.

Smartiepants79 Sun 26-May-13 21:15:01

Avalon is the final resting place of Arthur.
Too 'alternative' for me.
What's wrong with a name that's popular.
If you like Ava, use it.

Laquila Sun 26-May-13 20:56:40

I think Avalon is lovely (also thought of King Arthur, mists of Avalon etc) but I think if you're after Ava, then you're not going to get it with Avalon because of the diff in pronunciation. Aveline is also pretty.

Do you like Aria? Or Vida?

KittenofDoom Sun 26-May-13 13:36:42

The Roxy Music song is beautiful.

As for Avalon as a name, I'd think it was a bit hippy/Glastonbury/King Arthur stylee. Not reminded of toiletries at all and don't get the association. Nor the antiseptic Savlon (NOT Savalon). Never watched Blake's Seven.

I have encountered 2 Avalons, unrelated and of widely differing age.

RussiansOnTheSpree Sun 26-May-13 11:47:42

To be fair I've also rewatched recently with my kids.

RussiansOnTheSpree Sun 26-May-13 11:47:19

I'm not obsessive just old and sensed of a good memory grin

scaevola Sun 26-May-13 10:48:28

Oops - I watched Blake's 7 but not obsessively and have clearly got it wrong.

My apologies blush

But the association is there, OP, even though not as I described it.

themidwife Sun 26-May-13 08:53:17

gringringringrin Russians!!!!!

RussiansOnTheSpree Sun 26-May-13 08:49:50

scaevola you are mixing up Avon (a man, basically the star, even when boring old Blake was alive) with Avalon, FEMALE rebel leader captured by servalan and Travis and then subjected to android replacement. grin

seeker Sun 26-May-13 08:44:32

And the legend of King Arthur is known outside the UK......!

scaevola Sun 26-May-13 08:43:15

It's a UK site, so mot posters are in UK.

If out of curiosity you do look again at you thread, bear in mind that Blake's 7 is known to nerds beyond UK (it has a cult following) and that Roxy Music is also an international act.

pumpkinsweetie Sun 26-May-13 08:40:53

Sounds like Savlon, sorry

CrimsonRed Sun 26-May-13 08:40:27

Ok Ladies, thanks for the input. Think I've posted this on the wrong board... as all the references are for the UK...

I'll signed off now smile

themidwife Sun 26-May-13 08:40:06

I meant Savlon!! Not sounds like Avalon FFS! <fail> grin

scaevola Sun 26-May-13 08:35:42

To me it would be a name chosen by

a) parents who are in to alternative lifestyle (maybe baby conceived at a festival?)
b) really devoted Blake's 7 fans (boys name, btw, in this case)
c) Roxy Music fans

CaptainJamesTKirk Sun 26-May-13 08:35:14

Sounds like the name of a disinfectant or other household cleaner. Sorry.

Stick with Ava, it's popular for a reason.

I don't get this obsession with that names too popular let's think of something really whacky and outrageous instead.

CrimsonRed Sun 26-May-13 08:32:12

Again... had to google the reference to Blakes 7... LOL.

CrimsonRed Sun 26-May-13 08:30:22

We've considered Avy and Aveline as well. Avalon just sounded nicer. We wanted something more unusual than Ava.

And we don't have to use Ava as the nn. We see Avalon as a name in itself.

Not so keen on Eva, might as well be Ava.

RussiansOnTheSpree Sun 26-May-13 08:28:48

You won't find a bigger Blake's 7 fan than me but even I'd draw the line at naming my child after Avalon. Although obviously it would provide endless opportunities for Project Avalon jokes.

themidwife Sun 26-May-13 08:25:46

Nah it sounds like Avalon! Ava is lovely! You could go for the European spelling Eva (still pronounced Ava) for a change?

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