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Where did you find baby name inspiration..?!

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MrsMallett Sat 25-May-13 10:08:35

Our first baby is due in the next few weeks and I have a short list of boys and girls names I like, but none of them feel like 'the one'!

Add to this that dH has completely different taste in names to me...and I'm starting to feel a bit panicky!

Please come and inspire me- where did you look for/find baby name ideas?!

borisjohnsonshair Sat 25-May-13 23:25:55

Coronation Street. And no, it's not Fizz.

AnathemaDevice Sun 26-May-13 09:39:12

DS1 is named after one of the Manic Street Preachers, DD is named after my great granny, and DS2 is named after the most recent male companion from Doctor Who.

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