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Is Magnus too posh?

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pygmy Sun 19-May-13 12:51:32

Magnus is our current favourite name for our son, but slightly concerned that it will be seen as a bit lar-di-dar? He will be attending a London comp. Honesty please!

noddyholder Sun 19-May-13 12:52:21

I love it! I don't think its too posh I do know one and he is fairly normal grin

squoosh Sun 19-May-13 12:54:56

It doesn't say 'posh' to me, it does sounds very manly and Scandinavian though.

I think it's quite cool.

QueLinda Sun 19-May-13 13:45:40

I think it's a middle class name but not super posh.

It's cool, I like a lot of the Scandi names.

JojoMags Sun 19-May-13 14:28:38

It's not super posh. I can see him getting 'Maggie' at school and hating it, or being teased be ause of it, particularly (and I can't say this without sounding like a snob) in rougher areas. I know a Magnus here, who has never had problems, but goes to a very upper-middle prep school. Maybe its OK. If you can honestly look at the kids in your area and think he wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb, use it. Otherwise pick something else.

Yika Sun 19-May-13 14:31:02

Definitely middle class and up but not overly so. A lovely name.

OkayHazel Sun 19-May-13 15:24:27

Not posh... Scandinavian. The one I know is Norwegian.

bananaramma Sun 19-May-13 15:24:34

Not sure what 'lar-di-dar' confused means but I think Magnus is a great name.

Don't kids accept most names as long as they're not Poopoo or Willy? I mean, why would a kid at a London Comp care about chavness of poshness of names? I don't think so and I think some or us adults care too much about it. Lets judge people on their character, not their name!

Yonionekanobe Sun 19-May-13 15:25:39

I know a Magnus who goes to a London state primary. He is half Danish though.

Yonionekanobe Sun 19-May-13 15:28:04

Sorry posted too soon!

Wanted to add that I really like it!

everlong Sun 19-May-13 19:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Decoy Sun 19-May-13 19:58:29

I just think of Magnus Magnusson and Magnum ice creams. I don't think of any particular social class and think it could suit any type of person.

Northumberlandlass Sun 19-May-13 20:05:44

I knew a Magnus at school. It got shortened to 'Mag' but he was very cool & handsome so I LOVE the name.
He was quite posh

heylottie Sun 19-May-13 20:22:59

My nephew is Magnus and he is 5, not that posh, and goes to the local state primary in Catford...

LittleMissLucy Sun 19-May-13 21:11:42

I just think Scandanavia and don't find it particularly posh.

Hugh, Monty, Tarquin, St.John, Orlando - all a bit posh, by comparison.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Mon 20-May-13 21:49:55

My DS is Magnus, hes scrummy yummy and very cheeky!smile lovely name so glad I chose it!

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