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Most recent name to make you "huh?!"

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zingally Thu 09-May-13 20:33:51

What names have you heard recently to make you stop in your tracks and wonder if the parents are a bit mad?

My most recent favourite is... Flossy, for a girl.
Made worse because my dads pet name for me is Flossy, or Floss. So to hear it as an ACTUAL name just makes me gawp.

Worst boys name - Banjo.

Trazzletoes Wed 22-May-13 06:30:23

Kitty I was at uni with an Amber Bush! <teehee> maybe it's the same one?!

KittyVonCatsworth Wed 22-May-13 06:39:45

Hmmm, trazzle, I wouldn't imagine there would be many going about! Did you study an environmental type degree by any chance....?!

Trazzletoes Wed 22-May-13 06:46:20

I didn't, but I think she may have done! I knew her through a friend more really...

<dances off singing its a small world after all...>

SearchingforSleep Wed 22-May-13 06:58:17

I know a little boy called Han Solo! grin Name chosen by his 5 yo step-brother...

Slw8000 Wed 22-May-13 08:26:05

I know a little boy called Atticus (Atti for short) who has a sister called Bebe!

Thisvehicleisreversing Wed 22-May-13 10:29:43


campion Wed 22-May-13 17:24:06

Phoenix Peace - first and middle names

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