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Margaret (nn maggie) - can we?

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Kittykatmacbill Fri 03-May-13 08:49:34

Can we call our dd Margaret, without people thinking we are crazy thatcherites? This is a the genuine concern of my dh! It is has been my favourite name for absolutely years, it is vaguely a family name (grandfather's wee sister) and after loads of great woman...

Dh had agreed before death of mrs t, but now feels that other people might think we are honouring her, which would not forgiven by either of our parents.

Not sure what our plan b names are, but these are what we have discussed:
Anne (mil middle name)
Judith (dh says is too prim)
Daphne (ditto)
Eve / Evelyn (far to popular and I know my mother hates)
Uma (bit left field?)
Vivienne (bit over pretty)
Ailsa (family name both like it but a close friend called her dd this in feb)

Any thoughts? Have been stuck on this for months and now baby is due in a fortnight!

ravenAK Sun 05-May-13 02:25:32

Actually, - & I would previously have avoided it - I think Margaret may have even been de-toxed a bit now Mrs T's pushed off.

It's a lovely name, anyway. Probably time to reclaim it. smile.

LuisGarcia Sun 05-May-13 02:34:35

6mo dd's middle name is Margaret. It's a family name. No one has ever mentioned the former PM to us.

Do it.

LittleMissLucy Sun 05-May-13 03:48:28

To be fair its been around a lot longer than Thatcher was around and she was better known as that, Thatcher.

mathanxiety Sun 05-May-13 06:42:14

Anne -- nice, esp if Annie is a nn
Judith -- lovely, and Judy is too
Daphne -- sweet name, very nice
Eve / Evelyn -- lovely names -- Eva is nice too
Uma -- nice but I think 'left field' too
Vivienne -- Lovely, imo not over pretty
Ailsa -- this one is out if a close friend had one recently; shame because it's lovely

I really love Margaret though, and I would pick it without a moment's hesitation if I were in a position to. It's a big family name in my family. Loads of Margaret Marys...

Sunnymeg Sun 05-May-13 16:13:15

As a Margaret, I have been called many things,Maggie, then Meggie now Meg, but when I was at school it was Maggots. Perhaps something to think about.

mathanxiety Sun 05-May-13 19:59:50

The Margarets I know (fellow students of the DCs and girls I went to school with too) are mostly 'Maggie' with one 'Meggie' and two who are always 'Margaret'. There are also a few Maireads.

Indith Sun 05-May-13 20:05:06

my dd is a Margaret. our surname is Thatcher's maiden name. she gets the nn daisy. or I'll call her meg or meglet. Margaret is a lovely name, don't be put off by Thatcher.

CheeseStrawWars Sun 05-May-13 20:09:33

Maggie is more associated with Simpson than Thatcher in my mind.

TheSecondComing Sun 05-May-13 21:38:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleballerina Sun 05-May-13 21:40:27

ds was going to be maggie but obviously was wrong type of baby.

PenelopePortrait Sun 05-May-13 21:44:18

There was a Margaret in DS's class at secondary (he's 19 now), I thought it was a fab name every time he said it. She was the only one in the school. I never once thought of Margaret Thatcher.

There was a Vincent too.

Margaret Evelyn. Absolutely lovely.

Trazzletoes Sun 05-May-13 21:49:20

DD's middle name is Margaret. Obviously I think it's lovely!!!

sashh Mon 06-May-13 04:43:02

I thought you were a royal fan. It's a lovely name.

Meringue33 Mon 06-May-13 05:09:29

What about Margaret nn Peggy?

MrRected Mon 06-May-13 06:10:18

What about Maggie on it's own. DD had one in her class last year and it suited her down to the ground - a really cool name for a really cool kid :-)

mewkins Mon 06-May-13 22:39:01

I like Meg and Maggie but I have a real dislike of Margaret I'm afraid. On the plus side, it does have decent shortenings. I think I would also assume there may be aTory cconnection!

Kittykatmacbill Fri 10-May-13 23:13:45

Thought you might like to know what happened, we were still discussing girls names ...with me totally convinced we were having a boy so thinking all a bit academic anyway... When my waters broke at 38 wks, in the 40 hours that it took for our baby girl (!) to arrive, 22 were spent labouring (very hard post inductions) 1 hour was having an emergency c section which I suppose did leave 17 hours to discuss but we didn't... So just before the c section began we suddenly thought of Annie (as Mil mn is Anne) which thought felt nice... So she is Annie after all that! Thanks for all your thoughts really appreciated!

SwishSwoshSwoosh Fri 10-May-13 23:21:30

Massive congratulations on the birth of Annie!

Decoy Fri 10-May-13 23:36:45

Congratulations! Annie is a lovely name smile

LuisGarcia Fri 10-May-13 23:58:36

Hi Annie!

edam Sat 11-May-13 00:04:35

Congratulations, Kitty, Annie is a lovely name. smile

shufflehopstep Sat 11-May-13 00:22:06

I grew up in the 1980s and my middle name is Margaret so I got bit of stick then but nobody makes the association now. It was my Gran's name and her nickname was Meg.

shufflehopstep Sat 11-May-13 00:24:21

Sorry, only skim read first page so missed your update. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Annie. flowers

ChippingInLovesSunshine Sat 11-May-13 00:28:03

Annie is lovely - does she have red hair grin I hope you are both doing well and DH has recovered from the shock.

JojoMags Sat 11-May-13 17:31:26

Course you can use Margaret. It is classic, lovely and unusual amongst children atm. Maggie or Meg are great nn.

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