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Help with middles names for these

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Kelly1992 Sun 28-Apr-13 23:44:58

Me and my partner are talking about kids names. But cant think of middle names suggestions welcome.

Girls names

Angharad - No L Middle Names.
Alexis - No L Middle Names.
KadieLynn or Kadie Lynn (as first name)
Harmony (Any other H Names No Harriett or Hannah) - B Middle.

Boys Names

Harry/Hunter/Hayden (No Harrison - Any other H names) - B Middle name was thinking of Bradley but any others.
Freddie David/Dafydd or Freddie David/Dafydd Leon - After my grampy David Fred.

We like Robert Edward and Stephen as middles but not sure what with. Also other first names Welcome.
Sibling for Amy-Louise.
Surname starts with K 2 syllables.
We also like Hyphenated names.
No Surnames or old-fasioned names.
No Names too Unique.
Prefer Not repeting letters e.g. L.L.K or A.K.K we Don't mind L.L.K.K or K.R.K though.

Sorry it's so long my boyfriend is kinda picky.

Kelly1992 Sun 28-Apr-13 23:50:54

Adalyn/Adelyn - No L Middles.
Adelaide - No L Middles.

on Girls list.

KittenofDoom Mon 29-Apr-13 00:07:46

Rose, May Mae or Grace for a girl.
James for a boy.

Just to get it over with grin

raisah Mon 29-Apr-13 07:30:00

All your boys names apart from David & Aaron are traditional surnames now used as first names as is the girls names MacKenzie. Some of the girls names sre classic and timeless like Lucinda & Evelyn but others such as Brandi are a bit American & an acquired taste and also date quickly. Whichever name you choose it will be with ypur child for the rest of his/her life, so a good solid name that will suit a baby aswell as an adult. Good luck

thermalsinapril Mon 29-Apr-13 11:08:36

How about choosing middle names from the list you already have?

Emily Scarlett
Naomi Evelyn
Lyndsey Savannah
Angharad Bryony
Felicity Jocelyn

Bradley David
Corey Hayden
Henry (Harry) Edward
Frederick (Freddie) Stephen
Aaron Robert

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 29-Apr-13 12:20:09

From your list of names best of all I like Angharad, Scarlett, Naomi and Roxanne.

For a girl's middle name, how about simply using your rl name, or
your Dmum's rl name
your Dsis's rl name
your SIL's rl name?

That would give a person close to you a lot of pleasure.

For a boy, give him David/Dafydd or Freddie as a first name, or Fred or David/Dafydd as a second name.

Kelly1992 Mon 29-Apr-13 16:22:23

Thanks for the replys.

Rose - I considered this.
May/Mae - I considered this also as it's my boyfriends grandmothers middle name.
Grace - I love this name but my boyfriends ex has a girl names this so it's a No No now.
James - My boyfriends grandfathers name but his nephew is named this so no also.

I dont mind them being surnames as they are also names but i mean like really common ones Bentley, Smith, Harrison, James, Brook/Brooke etc.

I like the idea of that - Only thing is you have put a few names together I had with others and a couple I stated was No No's.

Emily Scarlett - I like this one.
Naomi Evelyn - I like this one also.
Lyndsey Savannah - I like this just not sure as 2 long names together.
Angharad Bryony - I prefer Angharad with something more classic.
Felicity Jocelyn - See Lyndsey.

Bradley David - David is going with Freddie so this is a no also.
Corey Hayden - Hayden Is a no no now as someone i dont like is calling his son this.
Henry (Harry) Edward - I don't like henry also too old. - I dont get how henry turns into harry.
Frederick (Freddie) Stephen - NO I hate the name Frederick it's too old-fashioned. as Fred was my grampy's middle name. I'm sticking with Freddie Dafydd/David as a name.
Aaron Robert - I like this but a friend has just names her son Aaron so it's a no now.

I already have relitives names considered. Emily - On the list, Edna May - Was on list dunno what to go with as a first name, Amelia - My great grandmothers name but I don't like it, Savannah - Nancy my nans name as my oh dont like nancy or harriet, - Robert - My brother in law, James Edward - my boyfriend grandfathers name - James is out as I have a cousin called this and also my nephews name (my boyfriends family), Rose - My nan's name was going to have Emily-Rose but dont know what to put as a first name, Stephen - My dad's name, - Ian Leslie - My partners name but he hates it.

I have no sisters or brothers on my side of the family so I cant go there.

This was what we was going to do have Freddie David/Dafydd.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 29-Apr-13 16:26:10

Well you are narrowing them down, fwiw I like Emily Scarlett, Naomi Evelyn, and Felicity Jocelyn.

Isn't it maddening when someone has a baby just before you and picks one of your top names.

Kelly1992 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:41:19

Thank you. I like will have to talk to my boyfriend about them names. I also like Evelyn Savannah or Savannah Evelyn.

I know I know someone who's just had a little boy called Aaron, I know someone with a 3 year old called Aaron and someone with a nearly 7 year old called Aaron (Air-on).

I also know someone whos naming a boy Hayden and I know someone with a 7 year old step-son called Hayden.

Kelly1992 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:21:41

I like Jocelyn Emily Rose but initals would be J.E.R.K. I also like Savannah Evelyn/Savannah Emily Rose/Savannah Evelyn Rose.

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