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Need some serious help...or a slap.

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HappyGoLuckyGirl Sun 21-Apr-13 18:22:52

Okay, so we've got 7 weeks to due date for our baby boy and we haven't got a firm handle on any names. Not even potential names! The problem is, I'll suggest a name and then start to go off it. It's really winding me up.

We haven't been able to find any name that really grabs us, it's more of a 'yeah, that's might be nice' response. From both of us too, it's not as if one of us is being really fussy. Maybe we're just weird. hmm

So far these are the names we have thought about:

Caleb - DP isn't keen
Toby - I'm not keen
Samuel - DP not keen
Elijah - we both like but is a relatively new one so may start to go off it soon angry
Jonah - DP likes but I don't

It's driving me mental. Any suggestions? From the list or new ones? His middle name is going to be Alex and his last name Farrell.

mrspaddy Sun 28-Apr-13 11:04:25


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