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Using a Name Discarded Last Time?

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Gugglebum Wed 17-Apr-13 19:52:20

Our last baby, a boy, was named after about 10 days. Then by a few weeks later, it was clear the name just wasn't suiting him or sitting well, even though we loved it, and we went with our other top choice instead. He is almost 2 now and the first name really would not have suited him at all! So here we are, 4 months away from another baby joining us, and our top boy name is the one we ended up not using last time. We don't know if we're having pink or blue, so it may not be an issue, but would it be odd to use the name we tossed after a few weeks the last time? We got several raised eyebrows when we changed our little guy's name. Can't get away from the fact that we still love the this name! Would this (possible) boy feel he got the 'left over' name?

OkayHazel Wed 17-Apr-13 21:25:18

I'd only use it if I was 100% sure I wouldn't change away from it again.

What didn't stick about it last time, and how can you be sure it won't happen again?

MummyBurrows Wed 17-Apr-13 21:38:17

If the name didn't stick last time there's a good chance it won't stick this time so perhaps have a back up plan to use it as a middle name when the time comes if its looking like its not going to suit again....??

I don't think it will matter if u do give ur DS the name u discarded last time,it was just a case of falling in love with a name that simply didn't suit his older brother but suits him much better. not coming up with a whole brand new list of names doesn't mean u love ur child any less or u "couldn't be bothered" to think up anything different,it's just a fact that some names really do suit some people better than others. I know that if my sister and I had been given each others names they really wouldn't of suited us. Sometimes u have to see ur child in the flesh and see how it sits then to decide on a name that will suit,as was the case for u first time around smile xx

Gugglebum Wed 17-Apr-13 21:38:40

DH and I really agree on only this one. We've named 4 boys now and the truth is we've used most of our favourites! Last time, DS looked quite different from the other boys and he just ended up looking more like one name than the other. I suppose the next one might look like something else entirely too, but there don't seem to be any other really great options appearing!

MummyBurrows Wed 17-Apr-13 23:20:04

U never know,if this name doesn't suit u may take one look at ur DS when born and a name will just pop in ur head that will suit him down to the ground and ur DH will agree its suits ur new baby..... Do u have any particular names that are ruled out,like names that popular/common at the moment,or are there names that you'd prefer,like French origin/sounding names for example? That may help as u could put up a thread asking for name suggestions for a half French/half English boy for example....or putting up a thread like "boys names to go with (insert ur DCs names)" and see what people come up with? Just an idea,it may help if u get really stuck smile 4months before ur due sounds like a long time but we all know that kind of time flies by when ur expecting,well except the last few weeks which seem to go on forever lol xx

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