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Anyone have time to post thoughts on:

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Thirstysomething Wed 17-Apr-13 13:34:51

Names for Number Four.
Please be gentle, I am feeling a bit fragile about some of these which are on the list for family reasons...!!


Camilla (Milla),
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie),
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?),
Demelza (Dilly),
Loveday (Lalla),
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie),
Jocelyn (Joss),
Leone or Leonie,
Merryn (Merry),
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy),
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian),

Boys :

Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz),

soontobeslendergirl Wed 17-Apr-13 14:03:49

wow, that is a long list of girls! Aren't Jocelyn and Vivian boys names?

Other than that, they are all a bit "posh" for my taste and circumstances. I like Emma, Any of the Rose names and Merryn. For the boys my favourite would be Charlie. I prefer Hugh to Hugo and Alexander to Xander and would maybe add in Edgar - too posh for me but lovely

Iseeall Wed 17-Apr-13 14:06:40

love Demelza and Oscar.
Love all your boys names and most of your girls names.
Not keen on Gigi(but if its a family name....)

Hazelbrowneyes Wed 17-Apr-13 14:11:00

Camilla (Milla), Beautiful, love the NN
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie), Classic, beautiful
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?), I don't see Cleo as a nn for Clementine tbh
Clover, Not keen
Daisy, Not keen
Demelza (Dilly), Not keen
Loveday (Lalla), Not keen
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie), Theadora is lovely but I'm not keen on Dodie
Flora, Not keen
Jocelyn (Joss), Like
Posy, Not keen
Kitty, Not keen, unless you used it as NN for Kathryn
Leone or Leonie, Not jeen
Merryn (Merry), Nice
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy), What about Romily instead?
Rosanna, Not keen
Rosalie, Stunning with a capital S
Emma, Again, classic and lovely
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian), I've never heard Vivi as a nn for Victoria but it's cute
Xanthe, Like
Bella, Not keen, it doesn't have much substance.
Veryan, Not keen
Gigi, Not keen

Boys :

Wilfred, Not keen
Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz), Oscar over Oswald
Charlie, Lovely
Inigo, Not keen
Hugo, Not keen
Xander, Love but as a nn for Alexander, not stand alone
Kit, Love as nn for Christopher but again not stand alone

Any clues as to what names you gave your 3 other DCs?

Dish8 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:14:46

i like the following:


GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 17-Apr-13 14:21:46

Like; Camilla (we shortlisted), Charlotte,
Demelza (name of a childrens hospice in Kent, which put us off)
Jocelyn, Leonie,
Merryn (although sounds a bit like Merry the Hobbit),
Rosamund/Rosanna/Rosalie all lovely, Emma.
Prefer Victoria to Vivian (too many dfferent ways to spell Vivien/Vyvivan/Vivvian).
Wilfred (love Wilf/Wil)
Xander (love, Alexander on our list)
Kit (love, but DH can't get past Knightrider's KITT)

Dislike; Clementine (my darling),
Clover Daisy & Flora sound like Cows (as in Moo, not bitches!),
Loveday (LOVE this. but sounds too bully-friendly..middle name?)
Dorothy (always makes me think 'friend of Dorothy's'),
Posy & Kitty, Xanthe.
Bella (Princess from Beauty & Beast..and Twilight), Veryan,
Gigi (horse jokes).
Oscar/Oswald (Oscar too popular, Oswald rabbit
Inigo (Montoya...'you killed my father prepare to die!')
Hugo, don't know why just not a fan?

Guessing you have Cornish roots! grin

Thirstysomething Wed 17-Apr-13 18:15:14

Dh is Cornish - would probably use the Cornish names as a middle name, although I know a gorgeous Dilly (Demelza) and I like Merry for Merryn.
Thanks! Any other comments gratefully received - I find saying names out loud to friends a bit scary after a few very negative comments on dd2s name, so this is great!

baskingseals Wed 17-Apr-13 18:22:58

girls names - i love Demelza, Kitty, Rosalie, Rosanna.

boys names - i love Kit and Inigo.

you have got a lovely selection they are all great names.
could i be nosy and ask what your other 3 dc are called?

Clargo55 Wed 17-Apr-13 18:42:16

How about these cornish names?



Thirstysomething Wed 17-Apr-13 19:05:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubberBullets Wed 17-Apr-13 19:37:10

I love Morwenna if you are thinking local names, never heard Demelza shortened to Dilly though.

ArtemisatBrauron Wed 17-Apr-13 19:42:15

My DH's aunt is called Veryan - I've never heard of anyone else called it and I think it is beautiful.

Love Rosalie, Merryn too.

ArtemisatBrauron Wed 17-Apr-13 19:43:05

There is a cherry tree named Veryan after Dh's aunt as her father was a horticulturalist which makes it even nicer IMO smile

baskingseals Wed 17-Apr-13 22:30:13

thanks thirty - think Demelza or Kit would fit in really well smile

thermalsinapril Thu 18-Apr-13 00:03:03

My favourites from your list:



ripsishere Thu 18-Apr-13 03:31:00

Camilla (Milla), OK
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie), OK
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?), Nice
Clover, No
Daisy, No
Demelza (Dilly), no
Loveday (Lalla), no
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie), nice
Flora, nice
Jocelyn (Joss), nicer
Posy, no
Kitty, nicest
Leone or Leonie, no
Merryn (Merry), not sure
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy), ok
Rosanna, no
Rosalie, no
Emma, ok
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian), nice
Xanthe, nice
Bella, no
Veryan, never heard of it
Gigi, no!

Boys :

Wilfred, ok
Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz), no
Charlie, nice
Inigo, nicest
Hugo, ok
Xander, ok
Kit ok
So, you can see how conservative I am.

TheRealFellatio Thu 18-Apr-13 04:03:08

Camilla (Milla), Prefer Camille
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie), boring now
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?), Love it, have done for years and years
Clover, Lovely
Daisy, Nice but run of the mill
Demelza (Dilly), Love Demelza but Gawd know how you get Dilly out of it. That sounds a bit far fetched.
Loveday (Lalla), Ditto
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie), lovely names, horrid nickname
Flora, meh
Jocelyn (Joss), meh
Posy, no
Kitty, meh
Leone or Leonie, meh
Merryn (Merry), it's pretty but I think is going to get very faddy and over-used
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy), lovely, especially Rosamund
Rosanna, meh
Rosalie, no
Emma, nice, classic
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian), Vivian nice, don't like Vivi, Victoria is boring
Xanthe, lovely.
Bella, no. Too many Isabellas around now
Veryan, it's ok
Gigi, a bit theatrical. Only any good as a nickname.

Boys :

Wilfred, no
Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz), Oscar nice, Oswald awful
Charlie, nice
Inigo, nice
Hugo, lovely
Xander, nice, but not sure it works on its own. Better to have Alexander and call him Xander
Kit nice

raisah Thu 18-Apr-13 07:47:18

Laleh (Lahley pronounciation) Persian for tulip. In place of loveday, playground teasing.

TenthMuse Thu 18-Apr-13 11:34:10

I like a lot of these - you've come up with a great list!

Clementine - like it, but have the same 'phlegm' issue as you, and dislike nn Clemmie
Clover - love; have had a soft spot for it ever since reading 'What Katy Did' years ago
Loveday - beautiful, but would only use as mn
Kitty - cute but not sure it goes with your other DCs' names
Merryn - lovely, and very usable I think
Rosanna - the nicest 'Rose' name on your list imo
Xanthe - beautiful
Veryan - unusual but not too 'out there'

Boys :
Wilfred - the best of your boys' choices I think. Good nns: Will/Wilf
Oscar - nice but incredibly popular at the moment
Kit - love it, but always worry it doesn't stand alone. Would use Christian/Christopher

Only ones I dislike are:

Camilla - too overtly 'posh'
Flora - can never get past margarine (despite numerous other associations!)
Bella - too 'Twilight' and becoming ubiquitous where I live
Posy/Gigi/Vivi - too cutesy and sing-songy for me

Inigo - can't get past 'Montoya' or "In I go"!
Hugo - still seen as too try-hard/stereotypically posh where I live

ipswitch Thu 18-Apr-13 17:08:00

Camilla (Milla), Like
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie), Like
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?), Not sure
Clover, Dont like
Daisy, Dont Like
Demelza (Dilly), Not sure
Loveday (Lalla), Dont Like
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie), Like
Flora, Love this one best
Jocelyn (Joss), Dont like
Posy, Dont like
Kitty, Like
Leone or Leonie, Like
Merryn (Merry), Not sure
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy), Like lots
Rosanna, not sure
Rosalie, not sure
Emma, like
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian), dont like
Xanthe, dont like
Bella, like
Veryan, dont like
Gigi, dont like

Boys :

Wilfred, like
Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz), dont like
Charlie, like
Inigo, dont like
Hugo, like alot
Xander, sounds like a fish so dont like
Kit sounds like a car, so dont like

LineRunner Thu 18-Apr-13 17:12:38

are my favourites. Today. smile

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 19:25:45

Camilla (Milla) -- love
Charlotte (Lotta, Lottie) -- nice but I find it a bit harsh and also popular
Clementine (but Clemmie Phlegmy? - maybe Cleo?) -- I like both Clementine and Cleo but if I had to choose I'd choose Cleo. Clemmie ...> 'clammy' for me.
Clover -- a cow name
Daisy -- a cow name, or a parlour maid
Demelza (Dilly) -- nice, has a bohemian feel
Loveday (Lalla) -- nice, maybe needs an outgoing personality to carry it off? Lala is the name of a Teletubby.
Dorothy/Dorothea/Theadora (Dodie) -- I prefer Theodora to Dorothy or Dorothea.
Flora -- nice
Jocelyn (Joss) -- nice, unusual; Joss is a cool nn imo.
Posy -- nice if nn for Josephine. As a name on its own, too insubstantial.
Kitty -- nice if nn for Katherine. On its own - same as Posy..
Leone or Leonie -- Leonie yes, Leone no. I really like Leonie.
Merryn (Merry) -- nice
Rosemary/Rosamund (Rosie or Romy) -- like both and love Romy.
Rosanna -- reminds me of cabbage rose patterns on granny's china.
Rosalie -- nice
Emma -- very nice
Vivi (prob from Victoria or Vivian) -- I like Vivienne but not Victoria
Xanthe -- nice
Bella -- no, too popular
Veryan -- unusual, but reminds me of old VW Variant car
Gigi -- as nn for something else but not on the BC.

Of them all, I think I like Camilla, Cleo, Demelza, Rosemary/Rosamund/Romy, Rosalie and Vivienne the most.

Boys :

Wilfred -- to old mannish
Oscar/Oswald (nickname Oz) -- yes to Oscar but No to Oswald (Moseley)
Charlie -- if Charles on BC, Charlie is a nice nn
Inigo -- nice, says Chelsea to me
Hugo -- nice, country tweedy name to me
Xander -- too fancy. Alexander with nn Alex better imo. Or Alec, Alastair
Kit -- nice but I would use Christopher on the BC

I like Oscar, Kit (Christopher) and Hugo the most.

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 19:25:56

*too old mannish

mathanxiety Thu 18-Apr-13 19:32:05

Ottilie and Rosalie might be a bit rhymey.

Demelzajane Thu 18-Apr-13 21:19:22

I could have guessed the Cornish connection! I am a Demelza and would never have short of shortening it to Dilly - sounds a bit Dilly dally imho sorry x I love Merryn but the that's what our DD was named. I can't say I really dislike any of your names so that's not much help and I'm biased towards Demelza! There were loads of Demelza's when I was at school but seems to have become less popular now

Hope you get to your decision soon x

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