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Names to suit Muslim/Christian?

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lovemybabyboy Sun 14-Apr-13 10:53:16

Hi all, I am Christian and DH is Muslim, we are expecting a boy and are starting to make a bit more progress when it comes to choosing a name!
My Family are Irish and his West African but we are living in the UK so want a name that will suit both cultures and sound nice in the UK. So far we have come up with the following and I would love your opinions.

Solomon or Sulayman (Which do you prefer?)

My DH also likes Abdoulie and Dawda which I am not so keen on and he has vetoed my suggestions of Zain, Adam and Noah! sad

Would love to hear your opinions and feel free to suggest any others. smile

fanjodisfunction Sun 14-Apr-13 11:52:11


Are my pick from your list

lovemybabyboy Sun 14-Apr-13 12:02:32

Thanks for your opinion! I do like those two a lot, I have started to really like Solomon in the last few days and DH had previously vetoed Zakariyah but has started to like it over the last few days! smile

Moominsarehippos Sun 14-Apr-13 12:09:07

If you are living in the UK, and supposedly have an African surname, I'd steer clear of 'forrin' names, or the child will spend his time respelling it and being asked if he speaks english. BTW, this is from DH experiences (and he suggested this).

DS has a name that works everywhere (pretty much). Besides, as I said - his surname is from your culture, so first name is from mine (although its a family name and is used/understood world wide).

I quite like Adam though.

AuntieStella Sun 14-Apr-13 12:09:37

I really like Zakariyah and Ibrahim.

Anything Old Testament would fit your criteria nicely but some (and I think Solomon would be one of them) may also sound strongly Jewish as well.

lovemybabyboy Sun 14-Apr-13 12:46:19

Thanks for your opinions, I appreciate them.

raisah Mon 15-Apr-13 04:53:19

Zakariyah (Zak)
Sulayman (Sol)
Dawud (David)
Mikhail Michael

CrimsonRed Mon 15-Apr-13 07:34:39

My nephew has the same situation, his name is Zakariyah.

His mother's Muslim family refer to him as Zakariyah and his Christian family refer to him as Zak.

It works well, I think smile

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 15-Apr-13 07:50:34

A few more options:
Jibril (Gabriel)
Nael (Neil)
Othman (Tom)
Moussa (Moses)

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 15-Apr-13 07:51:17

I also think Zach works really well

TalkativeJim Tue 16-Apr-13 13:44:21

Idris (Id-riss) is a well known Welsh boy's name but is also Muslim -one of the prophets I believe. That would be a good choice?

Mummymunchkins Tue 16-Apr-13 19:06:19

My husband is also muslim and we have 3 boys. We wanted crossover names and chose the names Adam, Daniyal and Zakariya which I love. They also have middles name Faris, Anees and Idris which I also love. I am expecting baby number 4 and don't yet know whether it is a girl or a boy but I have found 2 other names I like, Xander and Xavier

MummyBurrows Tue 16-Apr-13 19:52:36

I think Solomon is the perfect name IMO smile its easy to say/pronounce in any accent (I'm assuming there are strong irish and west african accents in the family so something both sides can say with ease is an important factor?),easy to spell and I think its a very diverse and multicutural name so would suit ur DS wonderfully and keep both sides of the family happy,plus Sol is a lovely nn smile xx

Sticklebug Tue 16-Apr-13 20:04:47

Isaac or Saif?

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