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Drumroll...we have the final three - Florence, Victoria or Henrietta

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emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 03:29:11

After much discussion and twoing and froing, we have locked in the final three for our DD due in 6 weeks.


Middle name will be Catherine and DS is George so I would like it to go with George.

Thoughts, input much appreciated!


saffronwblue Fri 12-Apr-13 03:37:22

3 lovely names.

I think my order would be henrietta then florence then victoria. But all are gorgeous. I know one adult henrietta who is really lovely.

ImYoniHappyWhenItRains Fri 12-Apr-13 03:40:43

Henrietta (Etta for short) would be my choice.

emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 03:41:49

Thanks Saffron - your ranking is exactly the same as mine. Unfortunately DH's runs the other way - Victoria, Florence and Henrietta. Henrietta is my favourite and it's only a late addition to the list because he rejected it at first but has decided he now likes it.
He just loves Victoria.

birdofthenorth Fri 12-Apr-13 03:46:54

Oh I'm really in two minds between Henrietta and Victoria! I have entertained both in the past. Prefer the nicknames for Henrietta -Hettie, Etta, Henry- to those of Victoria -Vicky, Vic, Tori- but if you only plan on using the full names either is great. I'd say Henrietta is rarer but Victoria more classic, both go with George nicely although George & Victoria are very regal together!

I do like Florence but know lots of little ones and it seems faddy to me now despite obviously still being a classic (I actually know a George £ Florence sibling combo too!).

birdofthenorth Fri 12-Apr-13 03:48:31

PS If I had had a Victoria we would have nicknamed her Vita, like Vita Sackville West

saffronwblue Fri 12-Apr-13 03:50:45

The Henrietta I know I was at school with and she did get called Henry at school.

DD, 11, has a friend called Victoria and it is never shortened. IN fact I would put Florence last on your list because it is much more high frequency.

emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 04:05:28

Thanks all! Much appreciated. Florence is not too popular here (Australia) as we are about 10 years behind you guys!! However, I sense it will become popular and I think Victoria and Henrietta are more classic so perhaps they will be the final two.

I also just can't get past how lovely George and Victoria sound together. Particularly Victoria Catherine. Very regal! I think we would try to stick to Victoria but it may be difficult not to have it shortened. If I did shorten it it would be to Vita, Vika or Vicks. Or maybe Plum, that's a cute nickname, but perhaps a little naff.

sleepywombat Fri 12-Apr-13 07:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 12-Apr-13 07:19:22

Florence or Victoria.
I find Henrietta odd (sorry!) because it sounds masculine at the front and frilly at the back grin

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 12-Apr-13 07:19:40

(love the other 2 though, 2 of my favourites!)

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Fri 12-Apr-13 07:19:44

I like Florence the least.

exoticfruits Fri 12-Apr-13 07:26:00

Don't like Henrietta - how about Harriet?

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Fri 12-Apr-13 07:26:57

I have a friend who has a George and a Victoria (Tori). smile

I like all of your names but I think I like Henrietta or Victoria the best. I love Hetty as a nickname.

FriggFRIGG Fri 12-Apr-13 08:13:59


It's so much nicer and less well used than the other two.

SurreyWithAFringeOnTop Fri 12-Apr-13 08:58:55

Henrietta is just lovely, and I adore both Hetty and Etta as nicknames.

Victoria is a bit stuffy for my tastes, and I really dislike Vicky.

Florence is very pretty, love Florrie as a nickname too.

Umlauf Fri 12-Apr-13 09:00:33

I love Henrietta and thought instantly of Hetty as the nn!

emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 09:36:29

Thanks all.

sleepywombat - we had decided on Flora and then I had some wobbles when I asked a friend about it. So we decided it wasn't the one (much to DH's disappointment).

I am hopeless when it comes to making a decision. I have promised DH I won't discuss names again for another 4 weeks. So we have parked this as our final list. Although today I heard someone had a baby called Ivy and I though...oooohhh, now that's nice. blush

everlong Fri 12-Apr-13 09:42:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 09:55:35

Thanks everlong. I really really love Henrietta. Always have. DH has agreed I can choose from these final three so I think this might be my pick. I adore it!

BackforGood Fri 12-Apr-13 10:15:53

Really don't like Henrietta - no reason, just personal opinion! grin
I think Florence became very popular when the Camerons used it for their dd.
I'd go with Victoria from them smile

AssamAndDarjeeling Sat 13-Apr-13 22:49:12

I vote henrietta! Lovely.

Victoria always = vicky, which I don't like much.

Snazzynewyear Sat 13-Apr-13 22:52:33

I really like Victoria and it goes well with George. Don't like Henrietta nearly as much. I know a Victoria whose family used the nn Plum too and it is very cute.

thermalsinapril Sat 13-Apr-13 23:21:03

Love Florence and Victoria! Both fabulous classic names.

I don't like Henrietta at all, it's rather prim and harsh sounding.

MagratGarlik Sun 14-Apr-13 00:32:46

Victoria would come first, then neither of the others. Florence reminds me of the magic roundabout (maybe my age), would prefer Francesca.

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