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vivizone Thu 11-Apr-13 00:48:45

Any opinions about this name for a baby girl?

perplexedpirate Thu 11-Apr-13 00:54:44

Country singer.

Offcolour Thu 11-Apr-13 09:27:09

It is a bit country singer but I like it.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Thu 11-Apr-13 09:29:01

Yeah, it's a little bit country.

But that's OK.

nurseneedshelp Thu 11-Apr-13 09:33:03

I went to school with a luanne, really pretty name.

puddock Thu 11-Apr-13 09:34:49

makes me think of "King of the Hill"

BoyMeetsWorld Thu 11-Apr-13 12:48:42

Ditto king of the hill. I love Louella though...

BehindLockNumberNine Thu 11-Apr-13 12:51:58

Made me think of King of the Hill and then of redneck americans swigging Coors whilst hollering for Luanne to bring them more...

So not for me I'm afraid...

Still18atheart Thu 11-Apr-13 13:04:44

isn't that what the duchess was called in Real Housewives of New York? Sorry not a Fan

recall Thu 11-Apr-13 13:06:24

i love it

harleyd Thu 11-Apr-13 13:07:43

not keen

ChristineDaae Fri 12-Apr-13 16:31:57

She runs a porn business in Sons of Anarchy... Other than that it's actually quite nice! grin

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