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Boys names that aren't biblical and don't end with an S!

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BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 09:31:30

I seem to really like biblical names (I'm a staunch atheist) or names that end in S (my surname starts with an S) for boys, please take a look at the list below and see if you can suggest anything I might like that doesn't fall im to these two categories! Would also rather it wasn't in the top 150 or unisex! I'm too fussy aren't I?

Amos, Solomon, Abraham, Seth, Rufus, Curtis, Travis, Miles, Angus, Otis, Jasper, Sebastian, Rowan.

If it helps my fave girls names are Claudia, Saffron, Henrietta and Clementine.

forgetmenots Sat 06-Apr-13 10:48:37

Don't think the biblical thing should put you off even as an athiest so pin to chuck in Jonah, Malachi and Peter for good measure smile

Love your names particularly Angus and Miles (I also love Fergus?)

Non biblical and not ending in S:
Milo, Arlo, Laurence (nn Laurie), Kit, Arthur, Jude (can't remember think this may be biblical!), Finn, Rory

Robbabank Sat 06-Apr-13 10:58:52

Here another vote for Fergus, Carlos and also Arthur, Levi (or Lev), Soren, Senan, Ronan, Laurence (Laurie), Ruben, Severin, Ines, Marcel, Matthias, Oscar, Oran, Remy, Emile, and my favourite: Benedict.

(Sorry, bit of an Irish/French leaning here)

BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 11:20:26

My thought's on the suggestions so far:

Jonah - Bit to feminine sounding for me
Milo - Not keen on most names ending in y, ie or o, don't think they sound very grown-up
Arlo - See above
Laurence - doesn't end with an S but does end with the S sound
Ruben - prefer the spelling Reuben but in in top 100
Kit - Too nicknamey
Arthur - Top 100
Jude - Top 100 and a bit too feminine again
Finn - Waaaaaaaay to popular in all it's various forms!
Rory - Ends in Y, too cutesy
Fergus - Ends in S
Carlos -ends in S
Levi - ends in i, to nicknamey though I realise it's not a nickname!
Soren and Senan - Eh? Bit too unusual and kinda feminine sounding
Ronan - Would sound like I was a massive Boyzone fan!
Severin - Sever sounds a bit violent!
Ines - Is that not a girls name?
Marcel - I find it a bit poncey, probably just me though!
Matthias - he'd just end up Matt, yawn.
Oscar - really like Oscar but it's really, really popular!
Oran - Eh? Where's that from? Bit too unusual.
Remy - Girl
Emile - Girly
Benedict - would just be Ben. Yawn.

Yep I am too fussy!

soontobeslendergirl Sat 06-Apr-13 11:22:28

David - I know it's biblical but it's not your first thought when you here it.

soontobeslendergirl Sat 06-Apr-13 11:24:57


soontobeslendergirl Sat 06-Apr-13 11:25:40

here it!!! hear it blush

dizzy77 Sat 06-Apr-13 11:29:55

Banana no suggestions I love your logic & filtering system! We have similar challenge for DC2, I don't want anything ending in a -y, -a or -o sounds and whilst I'm not put off by biblical completely, don't feel we could carry off an Elijah, Noah or Rueben without being hypocritical.

BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 11:45:56

Dizzy Exactly I won't rule out all biblical names but I like the unusual ones which make it sound like we are religious!

Gregor - Gregory is top 100 so no
Austin - Borderline top 100 and makes me think Powers!
Keir - Makes me think of the alcohol
Fraser - I do quite like Fraser but it doesn't excite me enough
Struan - bit too Scottish? It is Scottish isn't it?
David - Top 100

Lorne - Too feminine
Craig - yawn, was popular for people my age so find it too familiar
Alistair - yawn and top 100
Guy - bit like calling him Man or Bloke!
Brodie - ends with ie, also don't like Brady, Bodhi

baskingseals Sat 06-Apr-13 11:50:26







MaggieMaggieMaggieMcGill Sat 06-Apr-13 11:51:25

I know a boy called Bodie, who is lovely, he has a brother called Donnie.

baskingseals Sat 06-Apr-13 11:54:15

sorry didn't see about the o ending - what about Orion?

do like Otto though.

PotteringAlong Sat 06-Apr-13 11:55:43

list of top 1000 baby names here

FannyBazaar Sat 06-Apr-13 11:57:57


It's quite hard to get a boys name that's not in the top 100 and not too unusual!

WildEyedAndHairy Sat 06-Apr-13 11:57:58

Eric (have a young one in my family)

Sleepyfergus Sat 06-Apr-13 11:59:57

I gave 2dds, one of which us a Claudia, so applaud your good taste wink

If we had had a bot we liked Alexander, or Alasdair. Also liked Finn but if didn't go with our surname, and Fergus, but the cat was named that many years previously. (But that ends in 's' so not in your criteria)

What about Edward?

BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 12:12:44

Otto - Sounds too much like Otter! Although Ottoline is quite cool for a girl!
Joel - Top 100
Fabian - Not sure I like the shortening of Fab! Is it Fab-ian or Fay-bian?
Max - Top 100
Alexander - Top 100
Xavier - Just don't like it, not sure I've got a reason for this one!

Bodie - Ends in ie
Donnie - ie and nickname

Hugo - ends in o
Hugh - too poncey for me, makes me think of Hugh Grant
Lysander - Poncey
Hector - Hec sounds a bit harsh
Gilbert - Don't like short forms, Gil to girly, Bert a bit comedic!
Walter - LOVE Walter but would be worried people would shorten it to Wally even if I insisted it was Walt!
Marvin - Oh I like this! Is Marvin Usable?? Has the one from JLS made it acceptable??

Eric - Have one in the family
Theodore - too popular when combined with all the Theo's
Tristan - Don't like it, can't put my finger on why
Edward - waaaaaay to popular

I'm annoying myself now.

BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 12:14:24

PotteringAlong I think that's the top 1000 names in America in 2008!

KatoPotato Sat 06-Apr-13 12:17:20


BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 12:19:59

Robin - unisex

soontobeslendergirl Sat 06-Apr-13 12:20:29


baskingseals Sat 06-Apr-13 12:21:00

banana come on grin

let's try again






forgetmenots Sat 06-Apr-13 12:24:40

Banana you're making me laugh smile I was a bit like this but with different rules!

Can understand the no S and even top 100 rules. You might have to have something pretty unusual though, or biblical.

Couple more: (haven't checked top 100 in England and apologies for repeats)

Liveinthepresent Sat 06-Apr-13 12:25:53

Banana no suggestions but am watching with interest - dont like any boys names enough - for many of the reasons you are giving!
12 weeks to go here - so inspiration would be good.
Keep em coming!

BananaHammocks Sat 06-Apr-13 12:42:27

Boys names just don't seem to grab me! Apart from Amos, I love that it's very rarely used but short and simple, unfortunately it is both biblical and ends with S! I like it enough to overlook the biblical thing but try saying it with a surname that ends with S, does it sound too bad to use??

I do quite like Marvin though, is it too geektastic? It sounds like the sort of thing Billie Piper would chooose!

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