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Help! Need to register my boy's name today.

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Badgerhoney Tue 02-Apr-13 02:49:50

Hi there,
Just looking for an opinion on these names. I'm
torn between them and really can't decide. And I need to by 3pm today for by birth registration appointment!

Brodie Alexander
Brodie Theodore
Lennox Jeremiah
Lennox Brodie

Surname begins with 'L' and ends in 'on'.

Thanks :-)

happynappies Tue 02-Apr-13 02:52:54

Love Brodie Alexander [bugsmile] congratulations!

happynappies Tue 02-Apr-13 02:53:29

smile even!

Daughteroughter Tue 02-Apr-13 02:55:47

You obv like Brodie and Lennox why not Brodie Lennox think Lennox Brodie too much like boxer

squeak2392 Tue 02-Apr-13 02:58:07

I think Brodie Alexander is the best.
Sleep on it (I'm assuming it's 3am where you are too :p ) and if you still can't decide when you're writing it, just choose the first one that comes to mind.

Good luck choosing! smile

(If you want my opinion on the names themselves... well tbh neither Brodie or Lennox are at all my style, but I would honestly expect a Lennox to be a girl.)

DessieLou Tue 02-Apr-13 04:50:12

Oh definately Brodie Alexander! Lennox seems a bit faddy and seems like it may not go well with your surname. But Brodie Alexander is really lovely!
Now get some sleep if he'll let you! grin

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 02-Apr-13 12:08:06

Brodie Lennox as you have a soft spot for both names smile.

jellybeans Tue 02-Apr-13 17:52:40

Brodie Alexander

ICanTotallyDance Wed 03-Apr-13 05:06:01

What have you decided? I think they were all nice names.

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