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Evelyn Audrey?

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CrackerJackShack Thu 28-Mar-13 09:37:13

And we will call her Evie for short. Cute or too much of an old woman's name?

CrackerJackShack Mon 01-Apr-13 10:30:20

Well Audrey has to go in as I promised my DH that we would at least use it as a middle name. It's the name of his much loved Grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago, and since he agreed to name DS after my much loved Grandfather who also passed, I can hardly refuse him! I do find it a bit of an old woman's name, which is why I don't want to use it as a first, but I'm happy to use it as a second because of the sentimental reasons.

As for Evie, well we live in Abu Dhabi atm, so no real worries about running into any Evie's here, and our next destination is likely to be South Africa or Canada, and Evie isn't a popular name in either of those places (looked it up in Canada and Evie or Evelyn didn't even make the top 1000) . So I guess it's a safe bet smile

Anyway, if she feels it's too common when she grows up she can always switch to Evelyn or even Audrey. smile

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