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Gosh I find boy's names dull, nevertheless I have a short list

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Artichook Tue 26-Mar-13 20:30:31

I loved naming my girls, there are so many choices for girls and you can get away with slightly unusual without sounding odd. Now I'm having a boy and it seems you have a choice of about 10 classic names that are hugely overused but lovely and after that your choices are really posh, really not, or 10 or so very "of the minute" trendy names. I'm not inspired at all.

Despite these feeling here is my list. What do people think?

Thomas - lovely, classic, way overused

Joshua - lovely, classic, but teacher SiL says the Joshua's in her class are always naughty.

Isaac - I thought this was pretty safe but a friend reacted with shock and said "you can't do that to a child"

Reuben - quite unusual, DD1 says its "weird", does this view of a 6 year old mean he will be bullied?

Frederick - Freddie, a family name, but I'm not sure.

farmersdaughter Tue 26-Mar-13 20:34:17

Freddie or Thomas, not so keen on the others.

What about Jamie?

Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 26-Mar-13 20:38:11

I felt the same and went kind of retro with Simon. I love it.
Also considered:

I've never taught any of these!


Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 26-Mar-13 20:38:46

Robert and Richard too.

And Vincent as an 'out there' choice.

Coconutty Tue 26-Mar-13 20:40:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Artichook Tue 26-Mar-13 20:42:20

Judy, are you a teacher? If so, do you agree that Joshuas are always naughty?

Farmer - I like Jamie but its taken by a relative as is Joseph which I also like.

smable Tue 26-Mar-13 20:43:23

I know 2 lovely Joshuas,Isaac and Reuben are both completely normal where i live so wouldn't necessarily mean bulling.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 26-Mar-13 20:44:07

Joshuas are definitely not always naughty!

Artichook Tue 26-Mar-13 20:44:09

Coco - I agree Thomas is so overused that it seems boring but that seems to be the case with most decent boys names. I am seriously stuck.

Ragwort Tue 26-Mar-13 20:45:34

I like Judy's list, none of those are over used these days but they are lovely, classic names.

What about David? You don't often hear that apart from Beckham?

I know three Joshuas - they are all completely different grin.

Sunshinewithshowers Tue 26-Mar-13 20:46:37

Whats wrong with Isaac?

Coconutty Tue 26-Mar-13 20:46:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smable Tue 26-Mar-13 20:47:32

Artichook what is your no1 priority in naming your son i.e. popularity or not, matching to your other children, being trendy or not

AnisotropicWeetabixFTW Tue 26-Mar-13 20:47:34

We have v different taste. I like more unusual names. But your list is inoffensive and full of fairly classic names.

Reuben's really popular round here atm. I know 5 under 3! Def not unusual at all.

WinkyWinkola Tue 26-Mar-13 20:47:39

Joshua and Thomas are great but everywhere.

Frederick is brilliant but I'd go for Fred not Freddie as a nn. Much cooler.

Or how about


Artichook Tue 26-Mar-13 20:47:58

I see the attraction of Judy's list but I'm not sure I'm ready for a 70s revival. All those names have associations with boys i was at school with Nicholas is lovely but I'm not keen on Nick.

KLou111 Tue 26-Mar-13 20:48:12

There are a lot of Joshua's and Thomas's.
I found boys names to be the easiest! We knew our ds was TNT to be a Euan before he was conceived.
Freddie I like the best smile

KLou111 Tue 26-Mar-13 20:48:45

*Going to be - where did TNT come from??

smable Tue 26-Mar-13 20:49:55

Now about Nico as a shortening of Nicholas?

Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 26-Mar-13 20:50:27

Ha, I want 10 more boys so I can populate a whole 70's football team (not really! Two DC are plenty for me).

I like David too, as mentioned above. And Gregory.

JollyYellowGiant Tue 26-Mar-13 20:50:46

I like all your names except Frederick smile DH and I have found boys names easy but girls names nearly impossible. We have one. And I'm not 100% happy with it but I can't think of anything better

MortifiedAdams Tue 26-Mar-13 20:51:21

Thomas. Id use it only ots DHs name. I also really like Edward and Christpher nn Kit.q

Artichook Tue 26-Mar-13 20:52:41

I don't want to name my DDs but one has a classic name that transcends any era and is in the top 50. The other is more unusual and hovers around 250 in baby name lists. Both are short and stong sounding names. Neither have spiked in popularity recently (that is important to me, I don't want a name that immediatly suggests the year the baby was born).

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Tue 26-Mar-13 20:52:47


Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 26-Mar-13 20:55:09


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