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Any thoughts on Anaïs?

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EmeraldCoast Tue 19-Mar-13 14:49:53

I?m looking for a strong but feminine name that isn?t Amelia (love it but know three Amelias). What do you think about Anaïs?

ladymia Tue 19-Mar-13 15:06:17

I actually really like it and a very good alternative to Amelia!

NotTreadingGrapes Tue 19-Mar-13 15:08:05

1. Meg thingy and Noel Gallagher's child
2. Sweet sickly perfume
3. Unpronounceable unless you are French.

OneLittleToddleTerror Tue 19-Mar-13 15:16:29

I have no idea how to say it grin. Is it ah-nay-us? My first giggle is that it's anus, but I know it's not how it's said because it's french!

badtime Tue 19-Mar-13 15:26:00

It's pronounced ah-nah-(y)eece. Well, sort of. It's hard to explain.
I've heard of people who pronounce it as annay, which makes me shudder.

NoraFatimaBuffet Tue 19-Mar-13 15:30:27

I've heard it pronounced uncomfortably close to 'anus' and this was by the baby's loving family. It's a lovely name but maybe have a look at other french names that have a clearer pronunciation for english speakers?

OzmaofOz Tue 19-Mar-13 15:33:35

blush well I am clearly a complete and utter moron, I have been saying an ay for ages. Luckily I have never bought the perfume, or discussed it in rl.

NowPlayingZone Tue 19-Mar-13 15:34:06

I think it's lovely. I would put it on a list with Anya- which I think is of a similar ilk.

monsterchild Tue 19-Mar-13 15:35:52

Old French names are hard for kids. My brother has an old French name and he is constantly spelling and pronouncing it.I should think after 43 years he's petty tired of this which may be why his kids all have very normal easy to say and spell names!

Indith Tue 19-Mar-13 15:48:04

I love it.

But I am bilingual and it is the name of one of my French cousins!

FingersCrossedLegsNot Tue 19-Mar-13 15:56:00

Love it, it is pronounced Ann eye eece( as in Reece)

AlisonClare Tue 19-Mar-13 16:01:59

Other ideas


PetiteRaleuse Tue 19-Mar-13 16:04:11

Love it. One of my dds has it as a middle name. But she is French.

Corygal Tue 19-Mar-13 16:06:06

Porn name par excellence - Anais nin.

MrsHoarder Tue 19-Mar-13 16:06:41

The girl/woman will spend her whole life spelling/pronouncing it for people and the ï will be a pain when she's typing.

mrsshackleton Tue 19-Mar-13 16:06:48

It's horrible and forever linked to Meg Mathews in my mind.

TheSecondComing Tue 19-Mar-13 16:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jacksgrannie Tue 19-Mar-13 16:11:20

Too difficult and would end in endless explanations of the spelling/pronunciation. Most British people would pronounce it Annay (as in the perfume). I would.

Amelia is a lovely name but if you can't have it how about Amelie? Annabel is beautiful, as is Ariadne.

OlyRoller Tue 19-Mar-13 16:16:50

How about Anouk?

INeverSaidThat Tue 19-Mar-13 16:19:51

Sorry another no.

I don't like the two little dot things

I immediately think of the Perfume.

If FingersCrossedLegsNot. I have been pronouncing it wrong confused

I hate Anais Nin (she includes child sex in her books - young girl getting flirty and more with an older man - that's peodophilia if you ask me)

EmeraldCoast Tue 19-Mar-13 16:40:24

Thank you for all your comments – lots to think about. I didn’t know about the Noel Gallagher connection and hadn’t thought of the unfortunate linguistic minefield.
NowPlayingZone – Anya is gorgeous and is on my list!
AlisonClare – I love the name Antonia

CPtart Tue 19-Mar-13 16:44:23

Don't like it.
Howabout Alicia?

BeeBopDingALing Tue 19-Mar-13 16:52:38

Really nice and imo much nicer than Amelia.

Like Anya too. That was Father Christmas' wife in Santa Claus the Movie smile

Beatrixpotty Tue 19-Mar-13 17:00:23

like it

WormCanner Tue 19-Mar-13 17:55:36

I don't see Amelia as being a strong name at all, it comes over as whiny to me.

Another vote for Antonia here. Are we just looking for A names?

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