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Josiah or Luca?

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justhayley Thu 14-Mar-13 19:20:12

Luca, think it's a lovely name & goes well with Oliver

PureedGoodness Mon 11-Mar-13 07:33:02

Luca is becoming quite common in my area

NotTreadingGrapes Mon 11-Mar-13 06:56:11

Wouldn't use Luca unless you have connections to a country where it's a normal name.

Otherwise it would be the equivalent of an Italian naming their son Kevin.

Josiah in any case goes better with Oliver. The only thing that would put me off would be the possibility of name calling along the lines of Josie.

mathanxiety Mon 11-Mar-13 05:00:13

I really like Josiah. Luca seems too Mediterranean, whereas Josiah is always Wedgewood to me. Has an air of the 18th and early 19th century - sort of Jane Austenesque.

jkklpu Sun 10-Mar-13 22:56:56

Josiah is great (nn Jed??? wink) and goes well with Oliver

MummyPig24 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:43:07

I prefer Josiah but Luca goes better with Oliver.

Arithmeticulous Sat 09-Mar-13 20:32:31

I like them both but as a West Wing fan I'd have to chose Josiah nn Jed. It was a strong contender for DS except it doesn't go with our surname.

nectarini1983 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:12:03

Luca! Its my son's middle name.

Josiah sounds too God Squad for me!

BeeBopDingALing Sat 09-Mar-13 18:11:53

Yes exactly what toastedteacake said! grin

VAVAV00M Sat 09-Mar-13 18:09:45

Luca reminds me of Lucas, which rhymes with mucas.

Josiah is the best.

forgetmenots Sat 09-Mar-13 17:52:28

Josiah, but I'm a West Wing fan smile

OkayHazel Fri 08-Mar-13 23:48:33

Which nickname do you like more OP?

Whether you want it or not, these kids will be Joe and Luke at school.

Might help you to decide?

LynetteScavo Thu 07-Mar-13 22:46:22

Spot on, toastedteacake! grin

Although I do know boys with these names, and they are both lovely, ordinary boys.

Luca would be my choice.

toastedteacake Thu 07-Mar-13 22:41:18

Josiah would live in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Drives a black buggy with a trotting horse.

Luca is a cool cat living in Milan. Drives a red car with a prancing horse.

grin. Well that's my impression anyway.

Jojobump1986 Thu 07-Mar-13 22:12:56

I love Josiah. Mean DH vetoed it for our DS2 though. sad Luca is also a nice name but Josiah would definitely be my choice.

starlightloz Thu 07-Mar-13 21:58:09

Josiah is an absolutely great name, I would love to use it for my baby boy but my eldest son's name is too similar already.
It is definitely a winner over Luca for me. Luca makes me think of Italians and I would also instinctively think the parents were Chelsea supporters and had named him after Gianluca Vialli (which would be no bad thing if that were indeed their reasoning!)

Gimmeechocolate Thu 07-Mar-13 13:53:14

I love them both! Think they both sound nice with Oliver smile

FascinatingNewThing Thu 07-Mar-13 13:45:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluebella Thu 07-Mar-13 13:30:22


Had my 20 week scan the other day and have found out I am having another boy!

I already have an Oliver.

I have really struggled to find boys names that I like, but I think I have narrowed down to:

Josiah or Luca.

What impressions do you get from these names? Do you like them?

Any other suggestions welcome :0)


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