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twinklestar2 Sat 09-Mar-13 13:21:20

I like lex!

BeeBopDingALing Fri 08-Mar-13 22:07:13

Sounds like either a cleaning product or electric company, sorry.

I like the idea of Alexander, nn Lex.

freerangeeggs Fri 08-Mar-13 20:46:05

How about Maxen? It's Welsh.

Anika1988 Tue 05-Mar-13 21:50:43

Thanks every1 smile

olivertheoctopus Tue 05-Mar-13 20:02:31

Sounds like a made up name. Call him Alexander, nn Lex.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Tue 05-Mar-13 16:03:11

I meant it sounds like a brand of laxatives.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Tue 05-Mar-13 16:02:32


DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 05-Mar-13 15:47:11

Just looked elsewhere, Lynx (apart from deodorant connotations) would be an exotic choice?

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 05-Mar-13 15:41:54

Sounds like an energy company, sorry, Lex on its own would be fine.

Lucas is a good solid name, maybe not very original now.

From twentyfourcarat's list, like Lucien and Lucius.

twentyfourcarat Tue 05-Mar-13 15:22:52

I think it works, it does of course conjure up images of lex luther, although that's not too bad!

Lucas is obviously more mainstream, other options might be:

- Lexon (so that google brings up a design company rather than a juicing machine)
- Lucien/Lucian (Loo-shiun or Loo-seeun)
- Lucan (although Lord Lucan connotations)
- Lenon
- Lester
- Loki
- Lachlan
- Lennox
- Lathan
- Lucius
- Laslo
- Lance
- Lorenzo
- Leith

Or just Lexen!

Anika1988 Tue 05-Mar-13 13:56:20

Helloo I've just found out I'm having a boy and I really want a unusual but not too crazy name.. I've come across the name Lexen, pernounced Lex-son or Lex for short and would really appreciate some honest feedback about what you think of the name.. Thanks p.s I also like the name Lucas but I think that's just the 'safer' option?

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