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How would you pronounce Arianna

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JazzAnnNonMouse Tue 05-Mar-13 13:23:37

Ari aaaana
Ari Anna


NotTreadingGrapes Tue 05-Mar-13 17:41:26

Your SIL is right.

Pronunciation is rarely arbitrary.

NotTreadingGrapes Tue 05-Mar-13 17:42:21

That would be like me saying "my son is called Harry but we pronounce it Hahry. Aren't people who say "Harry" silly!"

abbyfromoz Tue 05-Mar-13 18:37:18

DD is Ariana. We pronounce it Ar-ri-ar-na
Only because i really dont like the sound of our Australian friends and family putting the 'a' twang on it...
My aunt makes fun of this by rolling the 'r' like she's speaking italian or something ... Hmph!hmm

MadRambler Tue 05-Mar-13 19:24:22

She's not right though, NotTreading..., because that's not how we pronounce it. Although British, we live in Spain - no one pronounces it Ari-arr-na here. Ana is pronounced Anna, of course, not Ar-na. Her name came from a German character in a book - also not pronounced Ari-arr-na. is not necessarily correct - the second suggested pronunciation is uh-ree-ah-na.

She's lived in Australia for 20 odd years though (Abby), maybe that's why she pronounces it annoyingly!

abbyfromoz Tue 05-Mar-13 19:29:36

I suppose it's what you prefer. I personally think it sounds nicer our way hence why we hose to pronounce it as we do.
It's a Persian name, also Welsh.
The Greek's, Spanish and Italian's also claim it.
Our Greek friend says ar-ri-ar-na

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