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What do we think about the name Arden

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EarlyInTheMorning Thu 28-Feb-13 20:58:01

and what middle names would go nicely with it?

This is for my very good friend, currently living in Switzerland but eventually moving to the UK, her DH's surname starts with 'N' though. Would you think this as a problem?

raisah Sat 02-Mar-13 07:34:22

Arden was the surname of a lady I used to work with. Again, lipstick comes to mind & I'm not keen on surnames as first names. but that's just my opinion.

Spoonful Sat 02-Mar-13 07:35:40

I thought hard on too. Sorry!

mewkins Sat 02-Mar-13 17:45:51

I know a man called Arden. It's quite a nice name.

freerangeeggs Sat 02-Mar-13 23:56:08

It could be a lovely name but it makes me think of erections. Which is a shame.

FellNel Sun 03-Mar-13 02:46:40

I like it but I think the child will get called Hard On at school, and at uni, and quite possibly at work as well. So No.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sun 03-Mar-13 17:11:51

I too thought of Arden as a boy's name. blush

Anyway middle names for Arden could be
Arden Sophia
Arden Eloise
Arden Jeannette
Arden Violet

but regardless, I think with their surname starting with N it might jar a little? How often do we rattle off a middle name when introducing ourselves? If that doesn't bother them Arwen could be a nice alternative?

Can I also suggest Aurora or Autumn.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 03-Mar-13 17:13:54

When children go through that really annoying pahse of rhyming thongs she will be Garden.

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