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Boy-Girl Twins, Aargh!

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DessieLou Wed 27-Feb-13 22:28:38

Aw, I love Matilda but have a Madeleine so not sure it goes :-/
Your girls have lovely names. How nice for you to have a boy (poor lad will have his hands full with all them sisters!) :-)

blameitonthecaffeine Wed 27-Feb-13 20:54:26

oops! On my cousins' account. That wasn't clever!

nectarini1983 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:54:17

Isaac amd Xanthe. .. not struck on the middle names though.

manicinsomniac Wed 27-Feb-13 20:52:20

Thanks everyone. Xanthe and Patrick or Isaac looking like winners at the moment.

Iseeall I prefer Arabella too but I have an Isabella so they're too similar I think.

DessieLou Thanks grin Other children are Natasha, Rebecca, Matilda, Isabella and Abigail.

MustafaCake Wed 27-Feb-13 20:45:32

Patrick and Xanthe.


Flossy78 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:43:26

Wow congrats! My faves are definitely Nicholas Patrick & Jessica Faith. Gorgeous names smile

TenthMuse Wed 27-Feb-13 20:43:12

Isaac and Xanthe would be lovely.

Iseeall Wed 27-Feb-13 20:28:24

Isaac and Arabelle. Although I prefer Arabella.

gallicgirl Wed 27-Feb-13 20:23:18

Forget those and choose Magnus and Agnes.


Kyrptonite Wed 27-Feb-13 20:19:00

Nicholas and Xanthe. Gorgeous names. Congrats by the way grin

csectionmum Wed 27-Feb-13 20:16:58


Great news.
I like Arabelle and Issac - bets wishes on the birth.

DessieLou Wed 27-Feb-13 20:07:26

Love love LOVE your names! Congratulations on the twins. You're gonna have your hands full with your brood!
If I had to pick I'd go for Nicholas Patrick & Xanthe Arabelle. Gorgeous!
Seeing as you have such good taste are we allowed to know your other dc's names?

BeeBopDingALing Wed 27-Feb-13 20:05:29

Patrick & Xanthe.

Frikadellen Wed 27-Feb-13 19:56:49

Isaac and Xanthe would be my choices.

DickdastardlyAndMutley Wed 27-Feb-13 19:30:32

Isaac and Xanthe would be my pick. How about Cassia instead of Cassandra?

NotADragonOfSoup Wed 27-Feb-13 19:27:20

Patrick Alexander
Jessica (or Cassandra) Faith

blameitonthecaffeine Wed 27-Feb-13 19:15:36

I had a thread a couple of months ago looking for names inspirations for DC6 who has turned out to be both 6+7. girl-boy twins. Yikes!

I had some very helpful feedback and now looking for opinions on the following:

The boy:
Nicholas Patrick
Isaac Alexander
Patrick Alexander

The girl:
Xanthe Arabelle
Arabelle Francesca
Cassandra Marie
Jessica Faith

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