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Luna Violet....Too far out or manageable?

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Welly558 Tue 19-Feb-13 22:43:42

We decided tonight that we both love the name Luna. We think it is beautiful. It means moon but is also associated with magic and madness which is an idea we think is very cool ha.
Possibly will team it with Violet as a middle name as this was initially top of our girls list.
Keeping names and gender(once we find out in two weeks) a secret so can't ask for friends opinions so what do you guys think?
I myself have an unusual name (first middle and maiden name) and usually suffered from awkward spelling and mispronunciation due to this, tended to be known by a nickname til my mid teens. However this shouldn't be an issue with Luna as its pretty straightforward. Plus I now love my name and appreciate the fact I know nobody else with it, and never have!
So opinions please on Luna possibly followed by Violet. Mental or quirky?

onedev Tue 19-Feb-13 22:49:24

I love it but would never have the nerve personally as its a bit too out there for me grin

Go for it if you want to!

sukysue Tue 19-Feb-13 22:53:19

It's gorgeous and so original.

Gimmeechocolate Tue 19-Feb-13 22:54:13

I think the two names go nicely together and it sounds very pretty.

Go for it!

AlwaysWashing Tue 19-Feb-13 22:55:06

Love it! grin Go for it! It's not crazy just unusual.

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Tue 19-Feb-13 22:55:13

I love it. I am drunk though.

MerylStrop Tue 19-Feb-13 22:56:43

I like Luna
(though shades of Harry Potter)
I like Violet

Don't like them together

reminds me of Parma Violet, Ultra Violet

iloveshortshorts Tue 19-Feb-13 22:57:51

It sounds lovely but... sounds like mamas and papas puschair.

Its definately nice though i think you should go for it.

drjohnsonscat Tue 19-Feb-13 22:58:33

I can't get beyond Luna tic. Sorry.

Welly558 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:03:55

Aw thank you lovely people. I agree, it is a bit out there onedev but we just wanted to check it wasn't too out there ha! We aren't huge Potter fans but have seen the films and now about Luna Lovegood. It sways us neither way, but she's a lovely character. I have considered the possible 'looney' references but I think maybe if we use it ourselves at home as a cheeky little nickname then perhaps if it is used as a negative by others, it'll be easier to brush off. Maybe that's just funny logic ha?!
Will be posting another thread shortly about boys names but so far have:

Any you particularly like or any others of that or a Luna ilk you can think of?
Thanks for your words of advice and encouragement!

Welly558 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:06:59

Ha yes, I have since learnt about the Mothercare prams! But we have a Quinny Buzz ha!
Yeah I know Lunatic/Looney may be an issue but hoping we'll raise a child with enough character to brush off or play up marvellously to it ha!
Haha that's initially what DH said, 'Parma violet' but not in a bad way. I had thought it sounded a bit like ultra violet...which I quite like actually!

Welly558 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:07:31

Ugh mamas and papas. Obviously not learnt enough lol!

iloveshortshorts Tue 19-Feb-13 23:07:48

I do like Ezra for a boy i only know one and hes a lovely man.

TobyLerone Tue 19-Feb-13 23:08:56

It's nice, and not really 'out there' at all. It's becoming more popular.

iloveshortshorts Tue 19-Feb-13 23:09:08

Welly- its a lovely name though smile

YummyMummyFeelingFunny Tue 19-Feb-13 23:09:32

Really lovely name!

whatagreatname Tue 19-Feb-13 23:13:01

Love Luna Violet - I think they go well together

Like Dexter and Jude from the boys names

Welly558 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:20:31

Thank you. Just found out that our due date is a full moon too! Maybe it's fate?! Maybe it's going to be a boy and this means nothing ha.
Hubby loves Ezra and I like it along with Jude for its Biblical references. Dexter, I wasn't sure whether adults would think it was to do with Dexter the serial killer from the self titled show!

Mrsambition Tue 19-Feb-13 23:46:33

Love it, Luna was one of out top choices... might get to use it down the line! I too have an original/quirky name, I think those of us like this tend to think outside the box anyway as we know it's kinda cool to have a name that no one else has. Go for it & your right not to tell the family circle as this can be really off putting, we're not telling my dh's parents until we have officially named DC as they criticise everything!!

pigletpower Wed 20-Feb-13 00:01:21

We have a Dexter [who was born before the show started] and tbh nobody has ever mentioned the serial killer [to our faces anyway!] haven't met another one in our neck of the woods yet thank god.Coincidentally Ezra was our second choice. Anyway Dexter is a good guy serial killer!

pigletpower Wed 20-Feb-13 00:02:18

We have a Dexter [who was born before the show started] and tbh nobody has ever mentioned the serial killer [to our faces anyway!] haven't met another one in our neck of the woods yet thank god.Coincidentally Ezra was our second choice. Anyway Dexter is a good guy serial killer!
Luna Violet is fabulous by the way.You must use it!

Welly558 Wed 20-Feb-13 00:10:55

Thank you. Yes my sister has four unusually named children and after the first one and the reaction to the name, they decided to keep the other three names a secret til birth. Nobody can mock your cute little babies name to your face. I know most of our friends and DH's siblings will find it very amusing, but you get used to things don't you?
Yes as serial killers go, Dexter is a good egg ha! We've only recently got into it but have liked it since a child as we had a neighbour called Dexter.
We really wanted something different to the norm. As I am half African we had hoped to give an African middle name for my relatives to use but I think it'll be too much now. I intend on giving all the children my maiden name as a family middle name(when I married I took my husbands name and use my surname as a middle name, as my dad had no sons). It's an African surname and I think will hopefully keep them in touch of their African roots and heritage. That way it can be passed on. It's very important to me.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 20-Feb-13 00:16:54

I'm happy to be a sole voice of dissent. It's terrible, honestly. Utterly dreadful. Not a real name.

Will be mocked mercilessly. You might get away with it if you live next to Glastonbury Tor and knit your own teepee.

Otherwise, no.

Welly558 Wed 20-Feb-13 00:30:46

Ha! Thanks for your constructive input. It is definitely a real name.
Fullstop Balaclava I consider to not be a name for a child. But it's definitely a name. Luna is a Latin name and means moon. Violet is obviously the flower, which has been used as a girls name for many moons(no pun intended).
I appreciate you dislike it though. So thank you for that. One definite no out of several comments I can cope with.
As for your stereotypes, bang on petal! I am also a feminist vegan with a penchant for nude dancing at stone circles =) mind my flailing breasts!

TheSmallerPenguin Wed 20-Feb-13 00:39:12

I have to agree with MerylStrop. I like them individually, but together it just makes me think Parma Violet. It's the ...a before the violet I think.

Parma Violets are possibly the most disgusting excuse for a sweet that's ever been invented. But if you happened to like them how? it maybe wouldn't be such a bad connotation.

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