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What name do you secretly like but would never name a child it?

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skratta Sat 16-Feb-13 11:19:33

I like Raven. For a boy- not even for a girl. blush

And Wolf. I don't think I could name a child that, but I love the nn Wolfie!

Thor. Don't think it'd work out in real life.

Aphrodite. Again, love the name blush

Rune. I just love the name for a boy!

Btw, I wouldn't EVER name my child Raven (for a boy), Wolf, Thor, Aphorodite or Rune. But I still love them.

Does anyone else have any guilty pleasure names?

meddie Wed 27-Feb-13 23:29:14

I loved Tilda (swedish pronunciation teel-da)
But my son was already called Ben and it would just have looked like I had an unhealthy obsession with rice brands

OddFrog Fri 01-Mar-13 22:50:48

skratta I'm pleased that Gladys is being used. Our DD is Sylvia, which I think of in the same name group. DH vetoed all my others as too old lady. Now I can tell him he was wrong! grin

ErrorError Sat 02-Mar-13 01:46:07

Oh I really like Sylvia! Makes me think of the pretty young mum from Three Men and a Baby, not old ladyish at all IMO. I had a great Auntie Nancy and think it's oddly cute for a small girl, but there's not-so-nice connotations with the term 'Nancy' so I just couldn't do it.

PuppyMouse Sat 02-Mar-13 20:12:50

I'm new to Mumsnet but I had to comment. I used to go to uni with a Lysander and have had a secret thing for the name ever since. I hope it wasn't viable just because he was Swiss and really wealthy blush

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