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Kyrptonite Sat 16-Feb-13 08:37:12

Does anyone have a Persephone? What are the reactions to the name?

I love it but I'm not sure if its a bit too posh or different.

Kyrptonite Fri 22-Feb-13 19:38:48

I like Effie as a nn! I couldn't figure out a name it could be short for though.

PercyClarke Thu 21-Feb-13 19:08:34

I teach a Persephone known as Effie, which I like, but there is no point in calling her Persephone if you love you name but then never use it.

Willow36 Thu 21-Feb-13 13:26:10

I love it. The Persephone I know uses the nn Penny, although I prefer Seffie as a nn.

PinkFondantFancy Thu 21-Feb-13 12:20:32

Oooh I love the name Hermione too.

calypso2008 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:23:54

Hermione is a fabulous name helen wink

HelenofSparta Wed 20-Feb-13 21:10:53

There is a Persephone in DDs yr at school - I like it, but then my DD is Hermione ;-)

calypso2008 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:09:04

I absolutely adore it. I wanted to use it for DD, but hesitated only because of the myth and DH said no. So I didn't. I have one of the 'posh' names mentioned upthread, 'twas very unusual at the time and I have never met another - all I can say is that it has stood me in very good stead and nobody ever forgets you.

It makes you feel special to have an unusual, classical name. I was never bullied over my name. I would hate to have the same name as other people.

Go for it.

Lollybrolly Wed 20-Feb-13 20:59:22

I know a Persephone (known to us as Percy) and she is lovely - mid thirties.

I love this name and think its really pretty.

NappiesandGladrags Wed 20-Feb-13 20:55:02

After having a son who's name is constantly pronounced incorrectly (Gabriel!!) it would irritate the hell out of me that most people wouldn't be able to spell it or pronounce it.

PinkFondantFancy Wed 20-Feb-13 20:10:51

It's an absolutely beautiful name - if you like it, go for it. I think it is ridiculous that people think that others have 'aspirations' if they call their children anything other than a top 10 name.

The greek myth is to explain the seasons, not to explain death. So she can equally be viewed as the goddess of spring and summer. Most versions of the myth focus on her kidnap because she was beautiful, rather than rape.

Also, to dismiss it because of the myth is crazy in my opinion - I don't have a clue what the meaning of my name is, or indeed what happened to every 'fondant fancy' in every story ever written about her.

MerryMarigold Sat 16-Feb-13 23:09:27

Someone round here had a Persephone recently (Seffie). Everyone thought she was Stephanie or Steffie! It will be a constant with new people and incorrectly addressed letters, throughout her life.

chartreuse Sat 16-Feb-13 23:04:40

I knew a Persephone and she really hated her name. She was a shy girl and hated all the attention that such an unusual name brought.

Sashapineapple Sat 16-Feb-13 23:02:19

Araminta. Is that really a name? Ridiculous.

Trizelda Sat 16-Feb-13 22:03:38

I know a ten year old called Persephone (her mum is Greek). She is known as Sephy. Thought it unusual when I first heard it but don't give it a thought now. It's a lovely name.

frustratedworkingmum Sat 16-Feb-13 21:56:56

See, i like Ptolemy as well grin I do have to admit saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to my friend when she threatened to call her bump Araminta - thank god she had a boy and named him an equally poncy name

Bessie123 Sat 16-Feb-13 21:48:37

For me it's in the same bracket as Ptolemy and although I do know one, EVERYONE is always hmm at the parents when they introduce their child. Although there are a surprising number of Aramintas about now as well, so perhaps you're right. Maybe I'm just not down with the kids.

frustratedworkingmum Sat 16-Feb-13 21:43:44

Bessie, ten years ago i would have agreed with you, but i think those sort of names are actually quite popular now and woudlnt be viewed as pretentious. There are hermiones, arabellas etc, i don't think persephone sounds especially posh.

Bessie123 Sat 16-Feb-13 21:38:42

It's v pretentious to call your child Persephone - I reckon everyone will be laughing at you calling her in the playground and think you are quite up yourself. I'm sure you're not, etc, but I would definitely think someone had 'aspirations' if they called their dd Persephone.

Percephone Sat 16-Feb-13 21:34:48

I think it's rather lovely grin

frustratedworkingmum Sat 16-Feb-13 21:02:03

I love it, but it will get shortened to percy, which is fine in itself but i call seagulls percy so it wouldnt work for me. But would definately be on my maybe list

lucywiltshire Sat 16-Feb-13 20:58:41

Beautiful. I used to know one when I was younger and she was stunning, really beautiful so I always associate the name with her. Never known as anything other than Persephone either.

squoosh Sat 16-Feb-13 20:45:30

It's a bit DRAMATIC for me. Also, people would constantly spell and pronounce it incorrectly.

ladymia Sat 16-Feb-13 20:41:24

If you are not comfortable with out there names why would you choose them? Esme is OK-ish out of those.

Or other (less tragic) mythology inspired names ...

Athena - (Greek goddess of wisdom)
Calliope - (Greek muse of epic poetry)
Camilla - (warrior maiden from Roman legend)
Carman - (Celtic goddess of destructive magic)
Clio - (Greek muse of history)
Guinevere - (queen from Arthurian legend)
Isis - (goddess from Egyptian mythology)
Lorelei - (maiden turned siren from German folklore)
Morgan - (sorceress from Arthurian legend)
Olwen - (maiden from Welsh mythology)
Penelope - (wife of Odysseus from Greek mythology)
Phoebe - (after Phoebus, one of the Greek Titans)
Rhea - (Greek Titan, mother of the gods)
Selene - (Greek goddess of the moon)

Kyrptonite Sat 16-Feb-13 20:24:20

I'm stumped. I only really like Persephone, Scout and Esme. I can't imagine calling a real child any of them though for some reason.

ladymia Sat 16-Feb-13 20:12:53

when i hear this name my first thought is goddess of death.

then hmm and i can't explain why, it sounds like a brand of laundry detergent.

the nn's are atrocious though, percy? seffie? ouch

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