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Kyrptonite Sat 16-Feb-13 08:37:12

Does anyone have a Persephone? What are the reactions to the name?

I love it but I'm not sure if its a bit too posh or different.

MrsMushroom Sat 16-Feb-13 08:41:25

Well my first reaction is that it's unsuitable due to the myth which gave us the name Persephone was the queen of the underworld and was abducted and raped by's a nice name...but the raping part would linger for me.

LadyD84 Sat 16-Feb-13 08:43:06

It's my all time favourite name but I'm just not brave enough to use it as a first name so it's going to be the mn if DC is a girl. (also trying to ignore that it means 'death-bringer')

VodkaRevelation Sat 16-Feb-13 08:45:15

I like it. Especially with a nn of Percy! .

VodkaRevelation Sat 16-Feb-13 08:45:35

I like it. Especially with a nn of Percy! .

MidnightMasquerader Sat 16-Feb-13 10:14:09

The full name is fine, but people mispronouncing it all the bloody time would annoy me.

And Percy really is not a great nickname. :-/ It's like Izzy as a nickname for all the Isobel/Isabelle varietals. Way to ruin a beautiful name.

NowPlayingZone Sat 16-Feb-13 11:13:36

There are so many more reasons to not use this name than there are in its favour.

Don't do it.

Leeds2 Sat 16-Feb-13 12:43:17

The one I know (aged 18) always had a mixed reaction to her name, with many telling her that it was two posh. Also used to irritate her that it was often spelt, and pronounced, incorrectly. She goes by the nickname of Seffie.

LondonInHighHeeledBoots Sat 16-Feb-13 18:39:38

I love it! DP hates it sad I really want to use it! I love Percy. For a girl, not keen on it as a boys name!

Sashapineapple Sat 16-Feb-13 18:46:38

I don't like it but in full I guess it's ok. Percy as a nn is awful.

MidnightMasquerader Sat 16-Feb-13 18:52:17

Seffie is way, way better than Percy.

MidnightMasquerader Sat 16-Feb-13 18:55:31

Percy as a nickname isn't even logical. The first 2 syllables are pronounced Per-seh. Using the nn Percy, just reinforces the mispronunciation issues.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Sat 16-Feb-13 19:12:38

Same as MrsMushroom my first thought is the rape as well. It's a horrible story really.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Sat 16-Feb-13 19:14:32

It's not just the rape. It's also how her father betrayed her. How she's forced to live in the underworld for parts of the year because of what Haides did.

Viviennemary Sat 16-Feb-13 19:22:11

I thought this thread was about books. There is now a publisher called Persephone. They republish books which are long out of print. But as a child's name. No. The teasing at school would be awful.

MidnightMasquerader Sat 16-Feb-13 19:25:08

It's fair enough if the myth associations put some people off, but equally, it's simply not enough of a reason to put other people off.

Just as I wouldn't not use Claudia because of it's Latin meaning, I wouldn't not use Persephone because of the myth. It's just a myth, after all. wink Besides, every name's 'owner' becomes their name. smile

ladymia Sat 16-Feb-13 20:12:53

when i hear this name my first thought is goddess of death.

then hmm and i can't explain why, it sounds like a brand of laundry detergent.

the nn's are atrocious though, percy? seffie? ouch

Kyrptonite Sat 16-Feb-13 20:24:20

I'm stumped. I only really like Persephone, Scout and Esme. I can't imagine calling a real child any of them though for some reason.

ladymia Sat 16-Feb-13 20:41:24

If you are not comfortable with out there names why would you choose them? Esme is OK-ish out of those.

Or other (less tragic) mythology inspired names ...

Athena - (Greek goddess of wisdom)
Calliope - (Greek muse of epic poetry)
Camilla - (warrior maiden from Roman legend)
Carman - (Celtic goddess of destructive magic)
Clio - (Greek muse of history)
Guinevere - (queen from Arthurian legend)
Isis - (goddess from Egyptian mythology)
Lorelei - (maiden turned siren from German folklore)
Morgan - (sorceress from Arthurian legend)
Olwen - (maiden from Welsh mythology)
Penelope - (wife of Odysseus from Greek mythology)
Phoebe - (after Phoebus, one of the Greek Titans)
Rhea - (Greek Titan, mother of the gods)
Selene - (Greek goddess of the moon)

squoosh Sat 16-Feb-13 20:45:30

It's a bit DRAMATIC for me. Also, people would constantly spell and pronounce it incorrectly.

lucywiltshire Sat 16-Feb-13 20:58:41

Beautiful. I used to know one when I was younger and she was stunning, really beautiful so I always associate the name with her. Never known as anything other than Persephone either.

frustratedworkingmum Sat 16-Feb-13 21:02:03

I love it, but it will get shortened to percy, which is fine in itself but i call seagulls percy so it wouldnt work for me. But would definately be on my maybe list

Percephone Sat 16-Feb-13 21:34:48

I think it's rather lovely grin

Bessie123 Sat 16-Feb-13 21:38:42

It's v pretentious to call your child Persephone - I reckon everyone will be laughing at you calling her in the playground and think you are quite up yourself. I'm sure you're not, etc, but I would definitely think someone had 'aspirations' if they called their dd Persephone.

frustratedworkingmum Sat 16-Feb-13 21:43:44

Bessie, ten years ago i would have agreed with you, but i think those sort of names are actually quite popular now and woudlnt be viewed as pretentious. There are hermiones, arabellas etc, i don't think persephone sounds especially posh.

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