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?????? Norma Harris

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sparkle12mar08 Mon 11-Feb-13 12:37:30

Nothing with an ee sound at the end Penelop Enorma - no, no, no!!!

Thre or four syllables would be good, perhaps something like Alexandra?

amck5700 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:32:17

Names are very seldom read out in full - I'd pick a first name that you really like as that is what you will be using everyday - by the time your baby is a few months old, nobody will be aware what her middle name is until she is applying for passports etc.

If you like Isla then go for it, but given there is an Island called Harris, that might be a bit odd. (Isl a Harris - Isle of Harris!)

Would you like other Scottish names?


or maybe?


Sailormercury Mon 11-Feb-13 02:10:15

Penelope is my favourite to. I personaly don't like the names with the "N" sound at the end because they merge with Norma ifyswim.

DessieLou Mon 11-Feb-13 02:03:38

I think a longer name goes better...
Penelope (this gets my vote)

underworldjam Mon 11-Feb-13 01:54:55

Any suggestions for a 1st name to go with Norma for a middle name?

We like Isla but it just doesn't go so any suggestions as to what would are appreciated. Thank you.

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