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Help us name our 3rd child!

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DessieLou Mon 11-Feb-13 01:45:08

Or Philip? Or Nicholas?

DessieLou Mon 11-Feb-13 01:43:50

Love Zara but not with Zach. Amy is not good with Emily so that leaves Lucy!Of your boys list I would go with luke, closely followed by Matthew. How about Daniel?

JumpingJackSprat Sun 10-Feb-13 18:01:29

zara and luke.

Sasparillo Sun 10-Feb-13 17:46:00

I agree, Zach, Emily & Jake sounds good & out of the girls I would choose Lucy, a name that is really growing on me smile

Merl0t Sun 10-Feb-13 16:42:55

Well, I'd rule out Amy if you have an Emily. Too similar.

Lucy goes with Emily well. I prefer Zara but Zara and Zach? maybe better to avoid two children with the same initials. Not a disaster but I'd pick Lucy or Lucia.

If it's a boy I'd pick Jake because I like it the best. Zach and Jake have the same feel. Luke i'm not mad about. Matthew is a bit boring. Jake or Thomas.

Curve ball suggestions that would go with Zach and Emily, what about Saul or Susannah which is a bible name and goes with Zach(ary) and Emily both

Ruby80 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:38:14

We have a little boy called Zach and little girl Emily. We do not know if this baby is boy or girl. Here our the names we like:



Which do you prefer?


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