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Luelle/Louelle for a girl?

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weegiemum Sun 10-Feb-13 22:01:01

kobayashiMaru I see you thought that already! X-post

weegiemum Sun 10-Feb-13 22:00:04

Sounds to me like someone who'd be friends with Jolene!

Gimmeechocolate Sun 10-Feb-13 21:58:30

How about Luella?

MoelFammau Sun 10-Feb-13 20:35:22

I like it. I think it sounds sweet.

IAmLouisWalsh Sun 10-Feb-13 18:54:45

Lurlene? As in the Simpsons episode!

ErikNorseman Sun 10-Feb-13 18:10:51

Looks made up. What about Luan?

mummybare Sun 10-Feb-13 15:33:17

Or Lucille?

Merl0t Sun 10-Feb-13 15:05:46

It's a bit King Of The Hill!

I'd use Louisa or Lucia and then let the nick name come out of that.

pixiestix Sun 10-Feb-13 14:52:24

Its not to my taste. At all. Lulu is lovely though. I prefer all of the suggestions made here to Luelle.

Virgil Sun 10-Feb-13 14:31:17

Or Lucy/Lucie

Not at all keen on louelle I'm afraid and agree that it sounds very country and western.

sw11mumofone Sun 10-Feb-13 14:29:11

Ok yes- get the Ellie thing. What about Lucinda or Lucia?

clarehk Sun 10-Feb-13 12:05:31

How about Luisa/Louisa? Louelle does sound a bit American to me, a character from Dallas!

KobayashiMaru Sun 10-Feb-13 11:45:26

Louelle lives in a trailer park and sings country & western songs about her 5 divorces.

tasfi26 Sun 10-Feb-13 11:44:26

We do like Elouise....however we are not too keen on Ellie and as 'El' is the first syllable of that name I'd be worried it would get shortened to that.

sw11mumofone Sun 10-Feb-13 11:41:26

Would spell it Louelle but sounds made up to me. If you want to use Lulu why not go with something like Elouise? Far prettier imo.

tasfi26 Sun 10-Feb-13 11:38:33

What do you guys think of Luelle/Louelle for a girl...would love to call her LuLu for short smile DH seems to disagree with EVERY name I suggest so would be good to see what others think.....

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