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Please let me know your thoughts on this boys name...

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sw11mumofone Sat 09-Feb-13 22:29:00

I posted recently as we had narrowed our boys name list down to Samuel and Oscar. But I wanted to try and find something a bit less popular. I've trawled through lists and can't seem to find anything. And then saw Fabian on another post.
DH quite likes it but Im not sure. What would the nn be? Or do you think it would remain Fabian.
Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks

sw11mumofone Sun 10-Feb-13 19:38:00

This does seem to have stirred
up some strong opinions.
Pinkflamingos i do agree with you in that children will always find something. And dont think Fabian is that out there. Just not really overly popular. Think id rather that than Jake or Tom or James.
Baskinseals i like Arlo but there are loads where i live. Cant use Rafael but do like Xavier.
More discussions needed with DH i think...

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