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Forgot how hard choosing is! Could you help me name my new Wheaten Terrier

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CruCru Fri 01-Feb-13 21:17:18

Salty Dog.

TheSecondComing Thu 31-Jan-13 00:17:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toffeelolly Thu 31-Jan-13 00:11:22

Daisy , Connie , Lilly, Peggy , Lulu

Yfronts Thu 31-Jan-13 00:02:12


Notonaschoolnight Tue 29-Jan-13 13:09:22

We've gone for Bixie but I may need elecution lessons before she arrives!

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 29-Jan-13 13:01:30

In your accent, could Bixie ever be mistaken for you shouting Bitchy in the park?
I think it's lovely & it's between that & Dottie for me!

Kilkers Mon 28-Jan-13 21:20:18

Love Bixie and Dotty!

TalkativeJim Mon 28-Jan-13 19:53:09


Or Gluten grin

Narked Sun 27-Jan-13 15:36:36

sad I thought as much. Not for me then. They seem like lovely dogs but I couldn't commit doing that much grooming. There are days I barely get a brush through my own hair!

You're not mad at all. I would have one if I had more time. Maybe when the DC are grown up.

Notonaschoolnight Sun 27-Jan-13 15:27:00

Narked I think ideally its once a day for 15 years! I know I'm mad

Narked Sun 27-Jan-13 13:08:16


Have you had wheaten terriers before? Is it as much work to maintain their coats as I've read? I was seriously considering getting a wheaten but the idea of daily grooming for the first 3 years or so put me off.

Narked Sun 27-Jan-13 13:05:58

Or Martha or Penny.

Narked Sun 27-Jan-13 13:04:52


PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sat 26-Jan-13 23:30:46

Wil, as in Wil Wheaton/Wheaten?

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 26-Jan-13 23:23:07

Bixie! And envy at your wheaten terrier - a friend of mine has one.

Notonaschoolnight Sat 26-Jan-13 21:29:41

Thank you

thegreylady Sat 26-Jan-13 19:32:40


DessieLou Sat 26-Jan-13 19:19:32

Bixie! Cool name . Ours is Sasha. I know a dog called Dave and oddly enough he looks like a Dave!

ChristianGreyIsAJackass Sat 26-Jan-13 13:59:18

Frankie... or Doug (aware its not on your list but I love it grin )

SugarMeFingers Sat 26-Jan-13 13:56:43

I like Bixie, or pixie or dixie.

Notonaschoolnight Sat 26-Jan-13 08:13:09

This is as difficult as naming a child! This post is also on the Doghouse, but i want as much help as poss as im so indecisive! Current list is;

Bixie/Bix (Weetabix)

Thank you

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