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Completely negative real life reaction to baby name....

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curiousgeorgie Thu 24-Jan-13 19:58:40

I've posted about this name before on here and usually get a good to mixed reaction.

I desperately wanted a girl just so I could use it, and found out we were indeed having a girl and couldn't believe my luck that I get to use my favourite baby name.

But telling both sets of parents the gender and saying the name, my mum said.. "no, really? That's awful" and I just let it go.

But today DH's parents and a few friends and our siblings have all been really negative about it with DH's brother even saying "Please don't call your baby that."

I truly love it so much, is it really so bad??

Its Seraphina.

ninipops Thu 24-Jan-13 20:56:51

I love it but couldn't use it for either of my DD's as it would have made their initials SS. As others have said 'sod them' your daughter your choice.

slambang Thu 24-Jan-13 20:58:41

We didn't call ds2 the name we loved because of the same reaction. Instead we went for safe, boring second choice. He's 14 now and I still regret him not being the name he should have been. Grandparents should never get a say.

BillyBollyDandy Thu 24-Jan-13 20:58:54

Lovely name. Ignore anyone that tells you otherwise.

I have a Claudia. Midwife looked at 2hr old Claudia and when told her name, tilted head to one said and asked "did you name her after someone?" in a sympathetic voice. I replied in the negative and she physically turned her nose up.

DNiece was more direct, "it's ugly but it'll grow on me". "Just like you" I replied grin

redrubyshoes Thu 24-Jan-13 21:00:14

When I was born my father told his boss my name and he replied "That's a bit posh for you isn't it" my father told him to bugger off.

I have a very classic and very beautiful name and I have never been 'judged' by it or had to spell it or explain it. I love it.

Seraphina is a very feminine and timeless name. Go for it.

chocolateicecream Thu 24-Jan-13 22:22:26

Their problem not yours OP, the name will grow on them. It is a lovely name and you will really regret it if you don't use it.

NormanTheForeman Thu 24-Jan-13 22:24:24

I like it but prefer it spelled Serafina. smile

ZooAnimals Thu 24-Jan-13 22:38:38

It's probably not a name I would choose, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes you should listen to what other people say about the name e.g. the poster who wanted to call her baby 'Slithery', but as long as it's an actual name then go with what you like.

ozymandiusking Thu 24-Jan-13 22:42:50

It's a lovely name. Your baby, use which ever name you like.

emsyj Thu 24-Jan-13 22:43:18

Serafina and Claudia are both on my name ideas list for DC2 (due next week...)

A close friend of mine called me a couple of weeks before DD (Ruth) was born - we hadn't told anyone our name shortlist - and said, 'I had a dream last night that you called your baby Ruth - you won't call her that, will you, I really really don't like it'. We still called her Ruth - and it's her. That's her name. As another poster said above, children take ownership of their name and even people who have previously disliked the name will grow to like it (or at least get used to it) as they grow to love your child.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Thu 24-Jan-13 22:45:53

Seraphina is an absolutely beautiful name!

MikeFlowersPops Thu 24-Jan-13 22:53:55

It's a beautiful name, I would absolutely use it.

choklit Thu 24-Jan-13 23:02:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilyAmaryllis Thu 24-Jan-13 23:03:47

If you like it, give her the name. I got influenced by in-laws and husband over a particular name, which became DS's middle name. Now, I don't like his middle name any more. I still love both my DC's first names, because DH and I jointly chose them without anyone else influencing. So, stick to your guns. Because otherwise she will always be Seraphina in your head anyway!

LilyAmaryllis Thu 24-Jan-13 23:04:44

oh and apparently the post about the name of Slitherin, the OP was making it up.

SnotandBothered Thu 24-Jan-13 23:08:54

I know two girls called Seraphina (9 & 3). Neither of them get called any shortened versions.

I think it's a pretty name. Go for it

Sparklyboots Thu 24-Jan-13 23:11:38

Love that name, has been vetoed by DP... I'm pg for the second time and have refused to discuss names with anyone in RL because it went so, so badly last time - I had such an awful row with DF that I became hysterical and threw up in the restaurant toilets at one point and DS wasn't named until he was 3mo... Anyway, stop talking names with anyone, when you hand your baby to them and announce the name they have no option and are obliged to say, oh, wonderful, even if you announce it as shit-head. Which I did threaten MiL with last time (I'm serious - the name thing was completely fucking awful. Completely).

Thewhingingdefective Thu 24-Jan-13 23:19:01

I think it's lovely. Just use it and don't stress about what others think.

I had criticism and groans for three out of four of my kids' names but they (the ones that turned up their noses) soon got over it.

AlfieandAnnieRose Thu 24-Jan-13 23:19:16

Ben affleck and Jennifer garner named their youngest daughter Seraphina which is where I first heard it. I think it is a beautiful name and you obviously love the name a lot. I think you really will regret it if you don't use it!

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Thu 24-Jan-13 23:24:37

Sorry but I'm with the family on this one!

However, they were very rude to say anything other than 'How lovely' It is YOUR baby, not theirs.

I dislike my nieces and nephews names, but the older twos names are just 'them' now and you no longer think about whether you like or dislike the name - the younger one isn't one yet, I'm still working on that one grin however, my sister and her DH have absolutely no idea I don't like the names (and I know that as she's said things about others not liking them but being pleased I do - I just smile smile as one should!!).

echidnakid Thu 24-Jan-13 23:24:50

Stuff the haters and use it! It's a nice name and you both love it. They all got to name their own kids, don't let them have a say in the naming of yours.

AliAmble Thu 24-Jan-13 23:38:06

If you can imagine calling your daughter that name as a baby, a toddler, a little girl, a teenager, a young woman, a grandmother.... you get my point.... then it is the right name for you to give her! That's how I looked at it anyway, when I was thinking of girls names. I also tried to imagine her with my chosen name at school, and at work, and thought of whether I'd have been happy in those circumstances with the chosen name. If you're happy that it's the right name for your daughter then the rest will fall into place!

NannyPlumIsMyMum Thu 24-Jan-13 23:50:44

Seraphina is a beautiful name I'm so jealous.

I was in the same boat as you - I always wanted a daughter , and always wanted her to be called a certain unusual name.

My DH and family laughed out loud while I was pg , thought it was ridiculous ,and everyone said that we couldn't possibly call her that.

Well now they all adore her name. It completely suits her and so many people comment on how beautiful her name is.

So just go for it !

DontEvenThinkAboutIt Fri 25-Jan-13 00:03:08

It is a beautiful name. smile.

I can't believe how rude people can be.

When, inthe distant future, my DC's tell me their DC's names I promise I am going to tell them that it is a fantastic name even if I hate it!

Viviennemary Fri 25-Jan-13 00:15:59

I just personally don't like it very much I'm afraid. But if you like it then you should go ahead. It's certainly not one of these dire names which nobody should call their child. In fact on second thoughts it might just grow on me.

BackforGood Fri 25-Jan-13 00:21:33

I don't like it at all, but IMO your mistake was to mention it to people before the baby is born. Once you introduce a baby to their family with "This is {insert name}", then people aren't so blunt - it's fait accompli. IMO, by mentioning the name during pregnancy, it comes across - even if you don't say the words - as if you are saying "We are thinking of calling her {insert name}" and people feel there's time to persuade you not to.

However - your baby, your choice of course.

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