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babies names from a important location

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MummyDickinson2b Thu 24-Jan-13 15:45:37

My husband and I are really struggling for girls name s following a nunber of friends and famiky all having girls. We were thinking about sonething different and having got married in Italy Lake Orta we wondered if anyone can come up with a girls name linked to this??

Naoko Thu 24-Jan-13 15:52:26

Never been to lake Orta but the Italian lakes in general are beautiful, must have been a lovely wedding! smile A quick Google shows a link with st. Giulio, so maybe Julia? Or if a more general Italian name would be ok, I once met an Italian little girl called Alessia and I thought that was beautiful.

Heavywheezing Thu 24-Jan-13 15:54:14

Well I went to the Italian lakes for my honeymoon too. Did you go to Venice?

What about Italian girls names?

I always remember the smell of honeysuckle in the hotel.

schplappo Thu 24-Jan-13 15:54:50

How about Orta itself (probably as a middle name) ?

Northey Thu 24-Jan-13 16:01:29

Did you happen to visit nearby Pella? I think that would work well as a name.

Northey Thu 24-Jan-13 16:02:42

Or, assuming Orta means gardens, it would have to be Hortense which came from it. Just throwing it out there...

Assajjventress Thu 24-Jan-13 16:16:16

Passatta only joking

Lucia is a lovely name for a girl

MummyDickinson2b Thu 24-Jan-13 16:23:36

Thanks all for all your thoughts! Im thinking we might look for a nice italian girls name. Open for everyone's thoughts though smile

Yes the wedding was gorgeous - I love Italy!! My husband took me there as a surprise and proposed and we fell in love with it and decided it was the perfect place to get married.

FriggFRIGGisPoorlySick Thu 24-Jan-13 17:25:33

I like Orta....

FranglaisMaman Thu 24-Jan-13 17:47:21

I love the name Alessia! Or Seraphina? (not sure if that's Greek though). Think an Italian girl's name would be a nice nod to your wedding and would be unique to yourselves so no copycats.

SnowLeopard27 Sun 27-Jan-13 11:17:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lljkk Sun 27-Jan-13 13:06:47

A nice Italian name, maybe?
DD's middle name is where we spent our honeymoon.

sw11mumofone Sun 27-Jan-13 14:21:47

I love Alessia too. Knew an Alessia at school and she was beautiful.

HouseOfBears Sun 27-Jan-13 22:36:23

I know an Italian lady called Fiorenza, which i really like, always sounds like a strong confident name to me! She's very beautiful too smile

HoneyandRum Mon 28-Jan-13 05:29:43

Julia is Giulia in Italian (but pronounced the same way). Raphaela, Paola, Giovanna, Gianna, Chiara (Key-ara), Fabiola (I know two).

StraightTalkinSheila Mon 28-Jan-13 07:13:24


HoneyandRum Mon 28-Jan-13 08:18:14

Opps Raphaela should be Raffaela in Italian.

Giuliana is Juliana or Juliet aka Romeo and

Britchic Mon 28-Jan-13 13:02:18

Alessandra, Ottavia

Marcheline Mon 28-Jan-13 13:12:46

'Auralie' is not Italian, Aurelia is Italian. It is the name of a very long road (Via Aurelia) that goes down the coast. It is also v pretty (I am biased). Did you happen to drive down it?

Other lovely Italian names are Paloma and Natalia. No link to anything really, I just love them.

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