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Tilly, George and...

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thedevilisinthedetail Mon 21-Jan-13 22:08:17

Dc3 is somewhat surprisingly on it's way and we're stuck on names. Dd is Matilda Grace Kathleen and ds is George Alexander Thomas.

So far I love Edward or Constance (Connie) but dh had no string feeling about either and just suggests Robin whether it's a girl or a boy which I really don't think goes with the other names?

Also the Kathleen is because dd was born on my Granny's birthday and Thomas as day was born on my Grandad's. So don't know if we should leave a third name out or give something with a family connection?

Just at a but of a stale mate and going round in circles. I wondered if there were any suggestions to get us moving on inour naming discussions...

rundontwalk Sat 08-Jun-13 08:55:30


BlueStarsAtNight Thu 06-Jun-13 07:29:33

Congratulations, I love his name smile

Theselittlelightsofmine Wed 05-Jun-13 22:39:45



Bowlersarm Wed 05-Jun-13 22:37:49

Yay. Enjoy those newborn snuggles.

farmersdaughter Wed 05-Jun-13 21:14:09


Brilliant news x

Britchic Wed 05-Jun-13 06:59:27

Ah! Congratulations, and gorgeous name!

thedevilisinthedetail Wed 05-Jun-13 03:36:03

Edward Oliver John born 9.20 this evening so no problem on the girls name! Thank you for all your input!

PeterParkerSays Tue 04-Jun-13 10:53:15

When I read your title I thought:

Tilly, George and... Mabel

The M sound seems to work well with the set of names.

Having said that, Tilly, George and... Arthur woks well for a boy.

Lulumouse Tue 04-Jun-13 10:50:51


vix206 Sun 02-Jun-13 20:27:52

My first thought for a name, when I saw Tilly and George, was Henry. Couldn't think of a girls name though - sorry!

farmersdaughter Sun 02-Jun-13 20:23:56


Good luck xxxx

farmersdaughter Sun 02-Jun-13 20:23:38

Didn't mean to hit send.

You are in hospital having a baby, she doesn't know your having a baby today? Does she? So just say you didn't see her email.

farmersdaughter Sun 02-Jun-13 20:20:51

Did you reply the email? If not, just say after having the baby

'Oh just saw your email, what a coincidence'

Don't worry about it, my cousin has done the say thing to me. If I have a daughter she will be called Alexandra so please don't use that name. Get stuffed.

miffybun73 Sun 02-Jun-13 15:45:17

Love Edward and Constance.

Also, Polly, Clara, Mabel, Amelia, Toby, Daniel, Emily, Philippa, Felicity...

Exhaustipated Sun 02-Jun-13 15:11:28

Yes agree, don't let hour cousin change your name. Go ahead and then she can decide later what she wants to do.

Good luck and pls come back and update smile

Elquota Sun 02-Jun-13 14:22:36

The time to announce a baby's name is once he/she is born. Your baby is arriving first and you've already chosen Elizabeth, so stick with it smile It's your cousin who's doing things in an unusual order, not you (and presumably she knows she's making this announcement just as your baby is due?)

CarriMarie Sun 02-Jun-13 11:25:52

I also think you should go with Eliza as first name as you intend to call her that, Eliza Frances Joy flows nicely.

Bowlersarm Sun 02-Jun-13 10:02:03

I would either ask your cousin if she minds you using it.

Or just go with Eliza as the full name.

justhayley Sun 02-Jun-13 09:56:28

Ruby actually sounds lovely
Ruby Elizabeth ...... B

justhayley Sun 02-Jun-13 09:53:38

I would personally give DC3 3 names if the others have.
What are the other grandparents names/middle names?

I like Tilly, George and Heidi
Or Noah for a boy.

What was on your shortlist for Tilly & George? As it wasn't too long ago there must be names that on both that you & DH like?

thedevilisinthedetail Sun 02-Jun-13 09:00:54

But I don't want to use either middle name so would be back to drawing board!

thedevilisinthedetail Sun 02-Jun-13 08:59:47

Being induced with number three tomorrow. We had finally decided in Edward Oliver John or Elizabeth Joy Frances. DH was having the odd wobble about Elizabeth but basically all sorted. Then I got an email this morning from my cousin who is expecting her first in August and knows she is having a girl. She wants to announce their girls name at big family gathering today (different continent so not a major problem). Their girls name is Elizabeth. I don't really agree with reserving names and given we'd use Eliza I don't really mind. Don't yet know what she thinks add we haven't shared names and she'll still be asleep add is the middle of the night where she is. DH however got the baby book straight out...
We've both chosen Elizabeth as an important family name. Our mothers had babies 2 months apart years ago...same name wanted. My mum had her baby first and went with the name. Aunt is still annoyed she didn't get to user her first choice name. Should I just go got it, or change?

ttcnumero3 Thu 11-Apr-13 23:06:21

Fwiw I know a Tilly, George and Ruby.....

thedevilisinthedetail Thu 11-Apr-13 22:17:54

Albert is a good thought.

devonsmummy Thu 11-Apr-13 21:58:19

Charles works well with your other dc names (love Charlie too)

How about
Chester (heard this while out today)

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