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Queenie68 Sun 13-Jan-13 12:09:54

Saw the name katienne in another post & wondered if I could slightly adapt it to kitienne? This would allow me to have Kitty as a nn but a more formal name on the birth certificate. Thoughts please...... :-)))))

Queenie68 Wed 16-Jan-13 18:11:53

Gwennan, thank u for the constructive advice smile so good to see all my options written down... I bet you are a really organised list maker unlike me!! Going to sleep on it & will start a new post tom with a few final choices.

Gwennan Wed 16-Jan-13 17:55:30

The way I see it, you have the following options:

1. Call your daughter Kitty.

2. Call your daughter Katherine, Catherine, Caitlin, Catalina, Caterina, Catrin, Kathleen, Katia, Katrina, etc.

3. Give your daughter a longer name that sounds a bit like Kitty or could be conceivably shortened to Kitty - perhaps Kimberly, Christina, Christiana, Christa, Kristen, Kirsten, Crystal, Kirsty, Karen.

4. Call her something else entirely if you're worried about Kitty not being formal enough and nickname her Kitty - e.g. 'This is my daughter Emma, known as Kitty.'

5. Call her something feline-related - Leonie, Leona, Tabitha? - and nickname her Kitty.

6. Make up a name like Kitiana or Kitienne, which I'd caution against. You've seen how people might react from the posts on here.

7. Give her the initials KIT: e.g. Keira Isabel Teresa? Kerensa Iris Tamsin? Keziah Isla Tess?

8. If you're still worried, give her a very traditional middle name - Margaret, Helen, Hannah, etc.

9. Give up on the name Kitty altogether. Felicity is a name which sounds a bit like Kitty to me, if that helps.

For what it's worth, Kitty's good enough for Diana, Princess of Wales's niece (Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer) so why not for you?

Pixieonthemoor Wed 16-Jan-13 17:31:28

Kitienne is a silly made-up name. Kitty is absolutely lovely - why not just use that?

OrangeforDd Wed 16-Jan-13 13:29:14

Many years ago I had a schoolfriend called Kitrina, but in a different country. I think that Etienne mentioned earlier is the French boys name for Stephen.

Queenie68 Wed 16-Jan-13 13:20:49

Shelley - no this isn't my first... its my 5th smile
Seeker-I have no idea if the Kitty I know has another name on her birth certificate as I (& everyone else who knows her)calls her Kitty. I don't understand why Kitty wouldn't be suitable for an adult & think it highly unlikely after being called Kitty all her life she would decide to be called a completely different name eg Katherine etc.. When she gets to age 30! Anyway isn't that what middle names are for?

Porkster Tue 15-Jan-13 23:21:58

Hahaha. No.

HoratiaWinwood Tue 15-Jan-13 23:19:23

I love Tabitha nn Kitty.

might be a bit hormonal

Kitienne sounds like "aqui tiene" which is Spanish for "there you go".

Yika Tue 15-Jan-13 23:06:44

Oh x posted with seeker.

lockets Tue 15-Jan-13 21:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seeker Tue 15-Jan-13 15:14:06

Queenie- bet your 78 year old friend has another name on her birth certificate!

shelley72 Tue 15-Jan-13 14:38:39

apols for v poor grammar before!

SilverBaubles33 Tue 15-Jan-13 14:34:02

Seeker is right. And if there are hundreds of Kittys at her school, she will have a gorgeous real name to use.

Though I suspect Catherine may get done to death now.

shelley72 Tue 15-Jan-13 14:28:53

I also think of Kitty as an 'old' ladies name so defnitely suitable for an adult too i think?
Is it your first baby Queenie? Have you thought about sibling names to go with Kitty? Or do you already have DC? I have been wondering what names go with Kitty?

Yika Tue 15-Jan-13 13:00:48

Why not Kitty Anna or Kitty Emma which sound similar to the made up names. Or - and I'm sure this has already been said - why not C/Katherine, shortened to Kitty? I think Kitty is very pretty.

bluebiscuit Tue 15-Jan-13 12:22:20

I know a 5yo who has kitty on her birth cert - totally fine.

Queenie68 Tue 15-Jan-13 12:20:45

Ok,ok.... Thanks for all the honest ( harsh !) opinions. Yes I love Kitty so will probably just go for that.
Lockets....did you use Kitty on the birth certificate?
Seeker.... I know a Kitty who is 78 yrs old so I think that qualifies her as an "adult" smile)

seeker Mon 14-Jan-13 22:47:30

Kitty is not an adults name. It's an abbreviation for any of the Catherine, Caitlin, Cathleen, Catriona etc or the same starting with Ks names. Choose ome of them, have Kitty as a pet name. Sorted.

squalorvictoria Mon 14-Jan-13 22:39:55

Ah, I was wondering if you were the "Kitiana" woman as soon as I saw the thread title! Kitienne is equally horrible I'm afraid.

I really think, if the normal lengthenings of Kitty (e.g. Katherine) don't appeal, then just use Kitty!

PickledInAPearTree Mon 14-Jan-13 20:55:31

Noooo sorry I don't like it at all

lockets Mon 14-Jan-13 20:27:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HyvaPaiva Mon 14-Jan-13 20:01:19

Kitienne?! grin You may as well use Madeupienne or Forthenicknameienne. Good grief! Just call her Kitty, it's beautiful.

ErikNorseman Mon 14-Jan-13 15:23:41

Stop making up names!

Sasparillo Mon 14-Jan-13 15:00:18

I agree, just call her Kitty if you like it, which I actually love smile xx

Eskino Mon 14-Jan-13 14:52:54

Some names are just wrong. Etienne is a boys name and it sounds like a Geraldine/Nigella sort of "i wanted a boy and couldnt think of a girls name" substitute.

what about Vivienne Kate?

zingally Mon 14-Jan-13 14:47:12

It sounds made up, but I think it's pretty! Which surprises me, as I'm not usually a fan of "made up" names. smile

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