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What is the most beautiful girls nane you have ever heard?

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lollydollydrop Sat 12-Jan-13 00:49:09

Just looking for inspiration! Xxx

GeorgianMumto5 Sat 12-Jan-13 15:47:12


Darmont Sat 12-Jan-13 15:50:53

Amielle ( ami elle). A girl in dd's class. Thought it was Amelie to start with but realised I'd read it wrong. Love Amelie but amielle even sweeter!

Jasbro Sat 12-Jan-13 15:55:21

Reading through this thread shows how very subjective names are - and why you really can't give two hoots what other people think!

MerylStrop Sat 12-Jan-13 15:59:34

I love Ariadne

I once met a little girl called Elvira, and whilst in normally circs you might think Addams family, she was just the fabulous vibrant little person and in that moment it seemed like the most beautiful name ever.

DD is the more prosaic but user-friendly Nina, which is more pretty than beautiful, I think

onthemetro Sat 12-Jan-13 16:00:33

I love Ava and Aurora. Planning to use them both on a future DD smile

Sabih Sat 12-Jan-13 16:05:01

Silvery thankyou. It's the maltese version of Katherine (dh is maltese) although the actual name is spelt Catienn but we preferred our spelling. Same pronunciation though.

Trousersrolled Sat 12-Jan-13 16:05:01

Soleil (French for sun, pronounced So-LAY)

Didn't get to use either, as had a ds!

TwoOfThree Sat 12-Jan-13 16:24:14

At the moment I really like Nova.
It means new, or in astrological terms its a star that suddenly burns brighter. And in American Indian it means 'Chases Buttrflies'
Not sure if OH will be keen but I love it!

TwoOfThree Sat 12-Jan-13 16:25:27

Also love Anais, Astrid Violet at Phoebe!

HalleLouja Sat 12-Jan-13 16:30:31


mumtobex Sat 12-Jan-13 16:42:45

Decided if mine is a girl I want to call her Katie summer :-) my other half wants a boy and has settled on the name Damian lol

JustAFewRory Sat 12-Jan-13 16:51:25


MadameCastafiore Sat 12-Jan-13 16:57:48

I love the name Florence, love flossy or florrie as a nn. Gabriella is also very pretty.

babyblabber Sat 12-Jan-13 17:13:39

Sophia. Have loved it all my life and now I have her!

Also love:
Isabella (but hate izzie)

And my latest love is Amaya

GetOrf Sat 12-Jan-13 17:45:04

Sophia is a beautiful name (I have a daughter called sophia as well babyblabber).

The amount of bloody people who call her sophia, though (completely different dull sounding name imo)

GetOrf Sat 12-Jan-13 17:45:45

Call her Sophie, I meant to type.

Dysgu Sat 12-Jan-13 17:51:35

I am looking through these and hunting for inspiration.

I have a Florence Amelie and a Gabriella Eve already - both names I think are fabulously pretty. I even like the way they look when typed blush

But what to call DC3? Have you had any thoughts on all the suggestions, OP?

Ariadne is gorgeous.
Love Isobel.
Love Alice.
I think Naomi is beautiful - it sounds lovely and just seems to look really neat on the page too.
Love Marianne and Elinor.

LineRunner Sat 12-Jan-13 17:51:52

Loralei, for some reason.

MadBusLady Sat 12-Jan-13 17:57:37

Athenais (with umlaut) nn Anais.

Not brave or French enough to use it though.

lollydollydrop Sat 12-Jan-13 17:59:56

At the moment I am loving:


Hmm seems I have a liking for the letter 'E' tonight! hmm

HalleLouja Sat 12-Jan-13 18:00:59

I have a name ending in A and often get called the version ending in E. Gets on my wick.

ImNotaPheasantPlucker Sat 12-Jan-13 18:03:28


lollydollydrop Sat 12-Jan-13 18:03:34

Oooh for the two ladies who said Meredith- I LOVE this name too!! It was on my list for a future DD but a year ago when I mentioned it to OH he wasnt keen, so we named our 8 month old Maine Coon Meredith instead LOL. She alwayys goes by Merry though as she honestly does not shut up purring, she is the most happy cat in the world! She started purring as soon as I picked her up and held her at her breeders house, and she hasnt shut up since!! grin

Is it weird if I called a human baby Meredith when our fur baby is Merry? Its weird, right? blush

lollydollydrop Sat 12-Jan-13 18:05:45

I love girls names ending in 'a' and I think the letter 'L' flows beautifully.

I was christened Laura and changed my name when I was 10 (with my parents consent, obviously) to include the letter 'o'. I love names with 'o' in them and am considering Noah and Phoebe for DC's

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