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What is the most beautiful girls nane you have ever heard?

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lollydollydrop Sat 12-Jan-13 00:49:09

Just looking for inspiration! Xxx

GetOrf Sat 12-Jan-13 00:59:55


She was Queen of England.

I love it, and is the name of my imaginary baby. Bit grandiose though, would never use it in real life.

That or Artemisia.

Sabih Sat 12-Jan-13 02:34:26

My dds are Katienne (kat-ee-EN) and Alyssa (al-ISS-uh). I think they are beautiful grin

DessieLou Sat 12-Jan-13 03:25:11

I knew an Ariella which I thought was rather pretty.

coffeeandcream Sat 12-Jan-13 03:29:27


SilentMammoth Sat 12-Jan-13 04:22:28


lockets Sat 12-Jan-13 08:40:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coconutty Sat 12-Jan-13 08:43:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lamazeroo Sat 12-Jan-13 08:45:49

Larkspur. Or Elise. Or Lara.

Locketjuice Sat 12-Jan-13 08:47:32


Ham69 Sat 12-Jan-13 08:54:32

I met an Adeline recently which I thought was lovely. Also love Clemency at the moment.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sat 12-Jan-13 08:57:55


I also love Fabienne.

onedev Sat 12-Jan-13 09:00:35

Persephone smile

BillyBollyBrandy Sat 12-Jan-13 09:01:44


AngelsWithSilverWings Sat 12-Jan-13 09:01:51

Aurelia is a beautiful name - think it was the Portuguese girl in Love Actually.

adelle283498 Sat 12-Jan-13 09:02:08

Anaya smile

Astley Sat 12-Jan-13 09:04:08

Ariadne. Beautiful and classical.

I hate fruity or flowery names!

theodorerollabout Sat 12-Jan-13 09:04:22

Avia (ay-vee-ah)...I think it's gorgeous smile

Lorelei. Love it! And Jonquil.

DontmindifIdo Sat 12-Jan-13 09:04:40

My current favourite beautiful names are

Currently pg but DH hates them both. I can't make him have a DC with a name he hates so they are both off the list. sad

Vagaceratops Sat 12-Jan-13 09:06:59


I love Ophelia, but not in an english accent! The same with Fabienne, Merecedes, Aurelia etc.

Ooh I love Leila and Maryam too, but again English people seem to pronounce the coarsely.

JambalayaCodfishPie Sat 12-Jan-13 09:11:16

I love Adelaide.

There's an Adelaide Adams in the movie Calamity Jane, and I fell in love with it then.

Vagaceratops Sat 12-Jan-13 09:11:53

I also went to school with a girl called Laurianne (Lor ee ann) which I think is lovely.

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