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Arthur or Rory?

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VickyU Tue 08-Jan-13 18:23:57

2 weeks and 2 days to go and still no name. We had settled on Arthur with a lot of help from all you lovely people once we realised that our chosen name (Felix) would result in the initials FU! But then 3 of my friends gave birth to baby boys within two weeks and they are ALL called Arthur (well one is George Arthur but still....) and it has made me panic....

Should we still go with Arthur and just deal with the fact that it looks like it is becoming insanely popular OR shall we go with a name we literally only thought of this week...Rory. I love it and so does DH but I guess its just a bit of a curveball as we haven't had it on any longlists, shortlists etc. the whole way thorough so feels a bit...unfamiliar if that makes sense! Also, it will probably be very apt as it means red king and DH has red hair so it may well fit perfectly.

Other vague thoughts...Alexander (boring?), George (too popular?) Bertie (Love it but not sure about the long name...don't really like Albert, Herbert, Robert, Bertram etc.)

Oh also, just to say we wouldn't use any of the alternative Rory spellings/pronunciations (Ruaridh etc.) just because we have no Scottish or Irish roots really so would seem a bit silly.

Thanks so much in advance.

squoosh Wed 09-Jan-13 16:38:29

Ick! If Rory McGrath was the only Rory you knew I can see why it wouldn't appeal.

I know lots of lovely Irish Rorys so can happily banish that creepy McGrath fella from my brain!

YeahBuddy Wed 09-Jan-13 16:42:06

I have a Rory but not spelt Rory, I think it's lovely grin

VickyU Wed 09-Jan-13 20:33:23

Thanks so much everyone. MrsMellow - I don't think initials are crucial but I just think giving my child the initials FU is just a recipe for bullying! Maybe I'm wrong. So funny about the Rory McGrath thing. I must admit that I so sometimes get his face in my head when I think of the name Rory and have a little shiver but then I think, well he seems like quite a nice bloke in a way so it shouldn't really put me off!

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 09-Jan-13 20:57:23

Rory McGrath is not the Rory that I thought of grin. And his real name is Arthur!

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