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Surname ruining my choice??

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cookb788 Mon 07-Jan-13 21:27:46

My husband and I love the name Poppy but our second name is cook, which automatically makes me think poppycock! Does it sound stupid or it just me?? :s

BoyMeetsWorld Fri 11-Jan-13 21:38:27

Don't do it!

Pollyanna Cook is pretty cool. Or how about...

Cadence Cook
Clara Cook
Caitlin Cook
Alice Cook
Tahnee Cook
Lily Cook

mum47 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:45:45

Pollyanna Cook sounds fab, with Polly for short - it sounds like the sort of name I would have longed for as a young girl!

The advantage to your surname is you can have names ending in -y, eg Emily, Lucy. If we had had a dd I so wanted Esme, but our surname is Scottish, ends -ie, pronounced -ee so any first name ending in y sounds too uppy-downy iykwim.

Trills Thu 10-Jan-13 13:41:29

What's your maiden name? All switch to that instead.

sparkle12mar08 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:25:38

Poppycock is the first thing that springs to mind, yes.

NiceOneCenturion Thu 10-Jan-13 12:40:37

Ailsa and Alice Cook both sound lovely, and I think the initial thing isn't such a big deal really. I think Cook is such a straightforward name a lot of things will go nicely with it actually, it would balance out longer names very well.

What about Penelope? You could nickname Penny.

I have to say though, I think Flora, whilst a nice name would also be a mistake with the margarine association in this instance!

moominsville Thu 10-Jan-13 12:13:26

I feel your pain. We have a very difficult surname to put a name with - EVERY name sounds daft with it!

To me, Poppy Cook does sound like Poppycock - sorry! Polly Cook is better.

How about Harriet, Lucy, Rosa, Freya, Eliza?

JustBabyNMe Thu 10-Jan-13 12:08:58

i have the same issue with 'Hill' I liked Amber, Raene (pro. Rain) and holly...


Holly Hill
Amber Hill
Raene Hill

All sound like places...

Polly goes nice with cook!
I also think that Natalie, Jorja, Lucia/Lucy/Lucinda... they sound nice with cook!

HoratiaWinwood Wed 09-Jan-13 17:38:26

I like Alice but agree that a "vocabulary" surname can't have certain initials. I like Sophie from your list too.


Murtette Wed 09-Jan-13 17:11:55

I'm not sure about any names beginning with an A as then she'll be A. Cook or Cook A. (which sounds a bit too much like cooker for my liking). Personally, I also think names beginning with I, E or Y are ruled out unless you don't mind the nn "cookie"... which she may end up with anyway given the surname but you may not want to guarantee it which you will with Cook Y. or Cook E. or Cook I.

DessieLou Tue 08-Jan-13 04:52:49

Hmm, poppycock is not good! How about Pippa Cook? Ailsa Cook is gorgeous, that gets my vote. :-)

MiniEggsinJanuary Mon 07-Jan-13 23:52:44

What a about a double barrelled first name so Poppy-Alice or some such? Think modern Pollyanna! Unusual but not poppycock!

farmersdaugther Mon 07-Jan-13 23:45:35

Emily Cook?

BikeRunSki Mon 07-Jan-13 22:38:29

I love Ailsa. Please use it on my behalf, I couldn't convince DH, and it is a bit too similar name (Alice).

TillyTommyTootToot Mon 07-Jan-13 22:35:05

Polly Cook??

shockers Mon 07-Jan-13 22:33:57

Ailsa Cook is nice.

persephoneplum Mon 07-Jan-13 22:27:29

Don't do it! My husband's surname ruins about ten of my favourites. Bloody impossible.

cookb788 Mon 07-Jan-13 22:26:34

You're right keep thinking about the name by itself!!

Anonymumous Mon 07-Jan-13 22:14:31

Don't call her Harlow Cook for goodness sake - it makes her sound like an Essex dinner lady! blush

Welovecouscous Mon 07-Jan-13 21:52:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cookb788 Mon 07-Jan-13 21:38:17

Sophia is another one we like as well as olivia, Erin, ailsa, laurel, Alice, Harlow and loads more just nothing has stuck yet!!

Mutt Mon 07-Jan-13 21:35:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovecouscous Mon 07-Jan-13 21:35:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovecouscous Mon 07-Jan-13 21:34:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welovecouscous Mon 07-Jan-13 21:34:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsTomHardy Mon 07-Jan-13 21:33:28

I wouldn't use it tbh

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