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Molly and ...Trilby

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telsa Tue 08-Jan-13 10:28:02

I know a girl called Trilby. Did not strike me as odd. The parents are literary types.

pinkandyellowbutterfly Tue 08-Jan-13 00:38:29

What a brilliant name for a budgerigar To each their own!!!

everlong Sun 06-Jan-13 17:11:32

Trilby? For a girl?


BaileyBillyBooBoo Sun 06-Jan-13 12:40:36

I like it

cuillereasoupe Sun 06-Jan-13 11:34:25

Blimey, the character in the du Maurier novel is hardly someone I'd name a kid after!

Harrysmummysarah1 Sun 06-Jan-13 11:14:02

I know a Louise and Louis .

TidyDancer Sun 06-Jan-13 11:13:32

Gosh no, you just wouldn't, would you?

AuntyAnna, why are you advertising your blog?!

AgathaTrunchbull Sun 06-Jan-13 10:45:53

Google 'Trilby Kent' - successful Canadian novelist. Certainly distinctive and great if you like literary names! Probably want something similarly unusual to go with it, though. Molly's a bit meh in comparison.

MrsMaryCooper Sun 06-Jan-13 08:07:22

The hat is named after the character in the novel Trilby. But I still wouldn't do it.

Bearandcub Sun 06-Jan-13 07:59:36

There is an Eve and Eden in my friends DD's class.

RillaBlythe Sun 06-Jan-13 07:50:54

Trilby? Rrally? V du Maurier!

AuntyAnna Sun 06-Jan-13 01:18:11

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 06-Jan-13 01:17:41

That is awful.

Trilby is a style of hat.

amazingmumof6 Sun 06-Jan-13 01:16:37

I know of a set of twin girls called Cinnamon and Vanilla, I kid you not!

pigletpower Sun 06-Jan-13 00:39:18

Twin girls. The most puzzling pairing I've ever heard.

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