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DD (2) is 2 days old. Help me with her name please!

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NarcolepsyQueen Fri 04-Jan-13 21:26:07

She looks like she would suit a robust name, iykwim? I like:


Which do you prefer? Ideas for middle names welcomes! Would like a short middle name!

Thank you so much - we are struggling!

SE13Mummy Sun 06-Jan-13 23:16:59

All three are lovely but, assuming your DD1 has the name I think she does <mysterious> I think the 'ma' in Matilda may make for more mix-ups than will occur with a different sounding name.

I know a Theodora who is known as Thea - it's a great name. However, Theodora Belle sounds a bit like 'the adorable' (which I've no doubt your baby DD is) so I'd avoid that combination.

Does DD1 have any good ideas for middle names?

Just in case you're not yet sold on Theodora and need more suggestions, how about Imogen, Harriet, Naomi, Miriam, Felicity, Freya or Hannah? Or even Talitha if you like Tabitha but not the twitching!

NarcolepsyQueen Mon 07-Jan-13 21:32:10

Thank you everybody! Still not decided I'm afraid. Swinging more towards Matilda now! I prefer Tilly as a nn, rather than Thea. Matilda Rose?

Permisson Mon 07-Jan-13 22:51:10

Which seems to suit her better?

ShowOfHands Mon 07-Jan-13 23:01:03

As Rose and May/Mai are THE middle names for girls atm and you've already used one of them, I'd avoid using Rose this time round.

And if you choose Bo, spell it Bo as Beau is a boy's name (French masculine term).

I have a Mathilda Beatrice who is Tilda or Tild. It means mighty in battle which suits her down to the ground and she was known as Tilda Tank as a baby. Personally can't abide Tilly. It's delicate and twee which dd isn't. The odd person has shortened her name to Tilly and she just scowls.

AndOnAndOnAndOn Tue 08-Jan-13 00:15:43

Tabitha Rae for me

Congratulations smile

NarcolepsyQueen Tue 08-Jan-13 08:23:12

She looks like a Matilda I think. It is such a responsibility naming children isn't it?! I found boys names so much easier (if this had been DS 2 rather than DD 2 he would have been Rex or Hugo).

besmirchedandbewildered Tue 08-Jan-13 08:27:52

Matilda Leigh?

melika Tue 08-Jan-13 08:31:38

How about some retro Matilda anne, Tilly-Anne for short?

persephoneplum Tue 08-Jan-13 09:10:38

There's no way Theodora will become uber-popular. I absolutely love it - look no further!

So tired of all the usual middle names - how about:

Theodora Ivy

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 08-Jan-13 09:24:16

Matilda is a lovely name OP! smile

FergusSingsTheBlues Tue 08-Jan-13 13:22:22


DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 08-Jan-13 13:48:41

I was going to suggest Constance but see you have decided on Matilda, very nice. It often comes down to how they look.
For a second name how about Rae as you suggested earlier or Faith?

elleephant Wed 09-Jan-13 00:10:34

I just love Matilda, tilly and tilda are lovely nn too.

Matilda Rosa is beautiful name. I think you have found your answer OP! And the nn's work with it too, go for it smile

NarcolepsyQueen Wed 09-Jan-13 14:25:51

I keep going back and forth between the two! Def either Theodora or Matilda. Why oh why do we have to make these decisions when we are still hormonal from the birth!!

thegreylady Wed 09-Jan-13 15:28:23

Theodora Rose
There are so many little Matildas around atm-I know 3 under 4-one Mattie and two Tillys.

williaminajetfighter Wed 09-Jan-13 17:03:17

Why don't you name her both? Matilda Thea? Or Theodora Matilda?

Then you can decide which she looks most like? or Matilda Rose Theodora?

that gives you license to change or switch names if you fancy it. Any consolation my daughter's middle name is Jetfighter. So I know what it's like to be hormonal and being pushed by DH into choosing cool name!!

NarcolepsyQueen Wed 09-Jan-13 17:03:39

Is Matilda really that popular? I know people say it oughtn't matter, but it does to me!

Sirzy Wed 09-Jan-13 17:05:10

I only know one Matlida. I think in coming years Theodora will be more popular due to Robbie Williams

DitzyDonkeySillyMonkey Wed 09-Jan-13 17:05:26

I prefer Matilda from your list

williaminajetfighter Wed 09-Jan-13 17:06:28

I named my daughter Matilda - live in Scotland - and she is the only one I know. Only one at daycare, at both schools she's been too. Unlike the raft of Ellas... Rubys...

I like Theodora but come from a family with lisps. Theodora can be a real tongue twister and could sound like Feeadora

williaminajetfighter Wed 09-Jan-13 17:07:14

Matilda is also a lovely story/movie and conjurs up a magical, spunky child!

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Wed 09-Jan-13 17:08:35

There's only one thing for it, OP, back to Tabitha wink

NarcolepsyQueen Wed 09-Jan-13 17:36:09

Jetfighter? Can your daughter pull it off? Brave choice lady!

I like Theodora, but my DP has a business is East London, and I'm not sure that the name will translate into the local dialect well.

crazybutterflylady Wed 09-Jan-13 17:39:26

What did you go for OP? We have a Tabitha which I love (obviously) and we haven't come across another in RL yet. I get so many compliments on it and i've definitely grown to love it even more in the 19months we've had her!

I know a few Matilda/Mathilda, and though I love the name it does put me off slightly. I'd definitely use an 'h' if I chose the name. I am currently 8m pregnant with DD2 and struggling with names. Mathilde is on my list, the French isn't as popular here. I love it. I also love Theodora but have to say Robbie put me off it a little...for info his was Theodora Rose, nn teddy.

It's so difficult. Good luck!

crazybutterflylady Wed 09-Jan-13 17:53:16

Oops sorry, x-post. You're still deciding I see!

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