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Do you have, or know a boy named Kit (Christopher) - any annoyances?

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persephoneplum Thu 03-Jan-13 13:22:17

I have wanted a boy named Kit for the longest time, and now we are expecting our third boy, it's very much on the table, with my husband finally agreeing it's a great nickname for Christopher which is my dad's name.

Now here's the dilemma - Christopher is a great option for us as it honours my father, and it has my favourite nickname of Kit attached to it (my Dad goes by Chris). The thing is that we don't intend to ever call him Christopher and don't wish anyone else to either, unless he himself decides to go by it later, which is of course, his choice. Whilst a baby and child, his name will be Kit.

I'd love to hear from people who have experience with using a different formal name to the nickname, and what annoyances there are with it. Obviously his new teacher at the beginning of every year might start out thinking she has a Christopher in the class but soon learn he goes by Kit.

My husband seems to think it will all be too annoying and I'm a little torn, so your stories might help us decide if the annoyances will be too much or not. We don't want to put Kit on the birth certificate either, rather than Christopher.

Thanks so much - would love to hear from parents of boys called Kit and whether there are too many annoyances with formal name / nickname confusion.

soimpressed Sun 06-Jan-13 00:28:17

My DS is known by his nickname. I always called him that but introduced him by his full name when we met people. Before starting school he said he wanted everyone to call him by his nickname.

Now he very rarely gets called by his actual name but did say recently he might start and use it if he ever got knighted hmm.

I love the name Kit.

LentilAsAnything Sun 06-Jan-13 01:23:56

I love Kit, love it!

I knew a Ricky at primary school, it was only 30 years later I learned via Fb his actual name is Maurice!

There are a stack of names that have a full name with one initial, and the nickname has another, some of which have been mentioned already.
Elizabeth with nns Liz, Lily, Libby, Beth
Anthony with nn Tony
Christina with nn Tina
Isabella with nn Bella
Katrina with nn Trina
Victoria with nn Tori
Richard with nn Dick
William with nn Billy
Edward with nn Ted or Ned
Elaine with nn Lainey

I could go on! smile

catsrus Sun 06-Jan-13 01:58:32

I had an uncle "john Johnson" - I always thought it was weird to call a child such a similar name to his surname - until his funeral when I found out he was called "David Johnson" - but all his life, to friends and family he was was "john" - I assume it was a nickname from school that just stuck.

One of my own dcs has a nn that was their siblings mis-pronunciation of their given name grin so I would say give him the name you want, call him what you want to call him - it will all work out OK!

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