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Are the initials PAT ok?

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TwoCatsAndABabyBump Sun 30-Dec-12 22:35:39

Are they?!

Celestialcloud Sun 30-Dec-12 23:25:05

I can't see why they wouldn't be ok to be honest

EugenesAxeChoppedDownANiceTree Sun 30-Dec-12 23:37:39

Yeah IMO. It's a name that's very popular; there's not much of the ridiculous about it. The best I can muster is cow pat but that's very tenuous.

Snowflakepie Sun 30-Dec-12 23:39:08

There are worse. I did think cowpat too but then I am a country girl, it's the sort of silly thing we would have said as kids. How often do all the initials get used anyway?!

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