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Why are boy's names so difficult?!

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Starfishkiss Sat 29-Dec-12 19:18:20

I have a wonderful list of names as long as my arm if my baby turns out to be a girl, but I am really struggling to think of even a couple of boys names I really like!
Boys names are either too common for me (as in too many people will have the same name), or they are just a bit too modern or American sounding for me.

Please help me start thinking of some boys names for a potential brother for Samuel (Sam); our surname is Ryan.

Names I have considered for a boy are:

Joseph (but hate Joe)
Dillon/Dylan (too trendy right now?)
James (too commonplace?)
Coby (too American?)
Daniel (hate Dan!)
Evan/Ewan (we're not welsh?)
Rupert (but don't like alliteration names)
Toby (too trendy right now?)
Cameron (love this name, but brothers called Sam and Cam?!?)

Thanks for your ideas!

3smellysocks Tue 01-Jan-13 23:37:08

I adore Samuel and have always thought that Samuel and Joseph fit perfectly.

Adore Sebastian but i think seb is too similar to sam sorry. What about Jed? You could use the NN Kit for christian. Sam and Kit. Rex is quite nice too.

Britchic Wed 02-Jan-13 11:29:06

We have a Sam and Hugo.... Hugo Ryan?

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