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And for a third baby?

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Moopsy Sat 22-Dec-12 00:31:58


We have 2 little girls: J.osephine and I.ris and my broody self is already thinking of the third one, hopefully for a pregnancy in a few months time... grin

I like to try and pick names before being even pregnant and my favourites (which were already in our top 10 for Iris) are:


Madeleine but my dh hates that people might think of the little McCann girl. I feel though that was such a long time ago and she wasn't the only Madeleine around... Does that name make you think of her? I love that name though and think it is so feminine and classy (nn Mads for a modern touch.)

Phoebe but I really don't like the link to Friends (much prefer the reference to Shakespeare...) and that it might refer to a "weird"personality. Love that name though, the spelling and sounds are beautiful (nn Phoebs). What are your thoughts on it and with my 2 eldest? Does it make you immediately think of Friends?


Absolutely no idea! So used to having girls cannot even think of a boys name LOL. Suggestions welcome. [embarassed]

Thank you so much!

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 22-Dec-12 02:17:34

Madeleine is lovely, but it does make me think of Madeleine McCann. It was 5 years ago, which really isn't such a long time. I just googled it and the most recent news coverage? Today, 22nd December, so not in anyway forgotten. Having said that once your little one is associated with name people won't think of Madeleine McCann, they'll just think of her. The nn 'Mads' is awful and likely to make people think of the 'weird personality' you don't want them to associate with Phoebe.

Phoebe is also lovely, and doesn't really make me think of Friends (although I do watch it a lot). The nn 'Phoebs' is also awful, and that does make me think of Friends because that's the nn they use. I don't think anyone would associate the name Phoebe with 'a weird personality'.

manicinsomniac Sat 22-Dec-12 10:18:22

I love Madeleine and wouldn't think McCann at all. I know loads of little and older girls called Madeleine so I just wouldn't get the association. It's a popular name and beautiful.

Phoebe I quite like but less so.

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Leafmould Sun 23-Dec-12 00:30:25

Madeleine is a lovely name, and although a future dd will become aware of Madeleine McCann at some point in her life, but it will mean much less to her than it does to people who remember the level of media coverage at the time. I looked at it on dark greener and all forms of the name seem to have taken a nosedive.

Phoebe is an increasingly popular name, and I prefer Delphine and daphne personally.

P.s. I am also discussing names for a dc 3 who is not yet a twinkle in his/ her daddy's eye! Completely bonkers!

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