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I have fallen in love with a name, what would you think if you met a child called....

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DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Tue 18-Dec-12 18:20:12


DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Tue 18-Dec-12 21:48:54

I will try not to watch tv two weeks before my due date incase I take a liking to a Cbeebies character or something grin

Back to the drawing board then still considering it though exp will start going on about Paidraigh again (Par-dric) and Murphy. Sherlock isn't a bad name either

Greensleeves Tue 18-Dec-12 21:49:26

cuckoo bananas

but I quite like it

DontmindifIdo Tue 18-Dec-12 21:51:04

If they are an exP, why are you not just picking a name you like?

DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Tue 18-Dec-12 22:00:12

I just think its only fair that he gets a say in his sons name, would be really crappy not to let him have any input into it. Even if he does have awful taste, I'm just glad he is showing an interest.

RyleDup Tue 18-Dec-12 22:03:53

I'd judge you loads, and think you were poncey. And if I heard you calling that name in public I'd raise my eyebrows, nudge my friends and snigger in that really annoying way that people do sometines. Just Don't Do It. No no no.

SomersetONeil Tue 18-Dec-12 22:07:40

Moriarty is fine - well, it's fine when you compare it with Murray...

nkf Tue 18-Dec-12 22:09:27

Not keen to be honest. What would I think? Sherlock Holmes, I guess.

MorrisZapp Tue 18-Dec-12 22:16:21

Please don't name your kid after an unusual sounding character in a book or film. Your tastes will change and your kid will be lumbered with it for life. I would make a million assumptions about you, including you being very young.

Moriarty and Murray are completely different names btw. My wee boy is a Murray, it isn't short for anything.

TenthMuse Tue 18-Dec-12 22:47:59

Sounds quite sinister to me, because of the Sherlock arch-villain connection. Also the surname of the naughtiest boy I ever taught, who ended up in a behavioural unit shortly afterwards, so not great associations there!

TwoSillyHatsWithBellsOn Tue 18-Dec-12 23:02:09

I love it, but would use Art as the nickname. Most people I know whose DC have nicknames tend to use the full name when they've done something really wrong. If you can happily picture yourself yelling 'NO Moriarty, don't do that!'in a crowded supermarket then go for it, if that gives qualms keep thinking.

I didn't use one of the names I really liked for DS1 as I was worried about school and teasing, someone at his school has that name and isn't teased at all so obviously it was a non-issue really.

<but I'm actually quite pleased that the name I chose for DS1 makes him the only one in his school, not one of 2>

KristinaM Wed 19-Dec-12 08:30:49

I'm sorry, but I don't really understand the concept of " I have fallen in love with a ( very silly or unusual ) name and I want to impose it on soemone else" . If you love it so much why don't you change your own name to this? It's perfectly easy to change your name, adults do it all the time. You use a deed poll or whatever legal device in your own country.

Why impose it on another person who is pretty unlikely to love it the way you do? Who Will have to deal with all the questions and comments? Who may be bullied because of it? You probably have the personality and looks to carry it off -they might not.

DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Wed 19-Dec-12 09:28:33

I don't think Moriarty would suit me grin

TheCokeMachine Wed 19-Dec-12 10:16:01

It's Cockney rhyming slang for party - 'Oi, are you 'avin a mori?'

That would be enough to put me off.

CaHoHoHootz Wed 19-Dec-12 10:29:45

This is a funny thread grin
I actually don't think 'Moriarty' is that bad. There are DC's out there with worse names and I quite like Mori as a NN? You could get away with it if you had a stately home and a double barrelled surname possibly

It is your DC and you should name him whatever you want within reason

telsa Wed 19-Dec-12 10:31:24

If it were nn Mori, you could have a poll. Boom boom.

I quite like it actually.

SledsImOn Wed 19-Dec-12 10:35:35

Hmmm I have to say, I don't entirely get this one.

Some of my best names look great on paper but you have to say them out loud and often I find they're all wrong when I do that...but there's nothing wrong with it as such.

I like Maurice - it's been hovering on my list but having decided ds3's imminent name a while ago, and told everyone in the world, it's too late! smile

PurpleTinsel Wed 19-Dec-12 11:43:30

Sherlock Holmes super-criminal nemesis......

givemeaclue Wed 19-Dec-12 11:52:10

I would laugh.

nameuschangeus Wed 19-Dec-12 12:47:24

I like it.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 19-Dec-12 14:59:07

I agree with everything MulledPinot said.

DinosaursOnAnAdventCalender Wed 19-Dec-12 16:22:17

I've slept on it and I still like it blush

Bloody hormones.

Hopefully I will have gone off it by the time my due date rolls round 42 days arrgghhh

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 19-Dec-12 16:27:24

I quite like it blush

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 19-Dec-12 16:27:53

I don't like Murray though!

NessaYork Wed 19-Dec-12 16:28:11

Find some old recordings of The Goon Show. If you still like the name after having listened to those, then it can't possibly hurt.

getoutofit Wed 19-Dec-12 16:29:03

Just no.

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