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I dreamt a GREAT name for the royal baby

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GinSoakedMu1berryLush Sun 09-Dec-12 10:18:26

Mary Elizabeth Caroline Diana - Marielle at home, for short, to those in the know. I dreamt confused that that would be the baby's name!

NotChristmasCarol Sun 09-Dec-12 14:34:17

Well I don't know what the Duke and Duchess think, but you've just reminded me how much I like the name Marielle. Must add it to the shortlist now!

forgetmenots Sun 09-Dec-12 14:39:00

not a royalist here so maybe not as up-to-speed as others, but I'm surprised that Eliza hasn't been mentioned as a possibility, either as a name in its own right, or as a variant of Elizabeth which may be on the BC. I wouldn't be surprised if the name is new for the Royals but with links to tradition. Marielle or similar could be a good shout.

Geranium3 Sun 09-Dec-12 16:14:45

i think they should choose isabel or isabella as an alternative to
elizabeth as same meaning
what is kate's mum's name?

MyLittleMiracles Sun 09-Dec-12 16:18:07

I think they shouldnt have to go with choosing names of family and instead choose their own name for the baby rather than sort of being limited.

RobinsBaubleSparkles Sun 09-Dec-12 16:23:46

I think that they should name their baby something hilarious weird and wonderful that no one will expect.

They should do a Jason Lee and have something like Pilot Inspektor for a boy or even something like Dave or Kevin.

Do royals have lists of names that are acceptable?

NotChristmasCarol Sun 09-Dec-12 16:50:11

Kate's mum is Carole...

sparklechops Sun 09-Dec-12 16:59:35

I would love for Mary to get all trendy again and knock Amelia off the top baby name spot. Whatever they choose will go zooming up the charts. Also love Marielle - beautiful just as it is.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 09-Dec-12 17:01:14

Still reckon theyll go for Margaret.

Or Shania.

freerangeeggs Sun 09-Dec-12 17:22:19


And then one day we'll have King Bob

pinkandyellowbutterfly Sun 09-Dec-12 17:55:08

LOL GoldPlatedninedoors! :-)

GinSoakedMu1berryLush Sun 09-Dec-12 21:14:21

I think one of camilla's gc is an Eliza and one of princess margaret's gc called marguerite . how do i retain this information?
I can't remember breaking times/ distances

MadSleighLady Mon 10-Dec-12 17:35:24

Wow, how annoying would it be to be a republican and innocently name your new baby next year with what later proves to be the Royal Name? You'd be forever fending off "Ooh did you name him/her after..."

forgetmenots Mon 10-Dec-12 19:02:11

Haha madsleighlady that is such a worry, I'm due in June! smile I'm sure my names are far away enough from regal... But it's a worry that they may go off the traditional path!

MoelFammau Mon 10-Dec-12 23:56:14


If they do that, I might just warm to them.

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