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Welsh Boys Names...

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abrotherfor Wed 05-Dec-12 00:06:15

We're English although have Welsh family on both sides, my mum's relatives are all Welsh, my husband spent a lot of time in Wales growing up, so we have been influenced by Wales for our daughters and now we're trying to come up with a name for our first son.

We currently have Isobel (not Welsh, I know) Siân and Carys. They're names that aren't too obscure here nor difficult for the English to say (once you get past "Is it Sigh-anne or See-anne?" hmm).

Things we're looking for in a boys name, not so Welsh that we start to look themed, not David variations, I'm personally not keen on John variations because of having a Siân although he seems to be going that way. I don't mind if it's Scottish/ Irish names either actually, Isobel is the Scottish spelling, or old English names - the girls and I suggested Warwick as we got married there and I take the girls a lot, but he's not keen, although my mum (the only person we really trust with names during pregnancy) is, so feel free to tell me it's a good name wink

alexpolismum Tue 18-Dec-12 15:34:16

My current favourite Welsh boys name: Iestyn

ChestnutsRoastingonaWitchesTit Tue 18-Dec-12 15:40:15

Another vote for Taliesin. ( I say it like "Tally-Ess-In)
People might struggle with the formal name but as a nickname Tal or Tally is about the sweetest nn for a boy ever.

TalkativeJim Fri 21-Dec-12 08:24:58

Tal can be short for Talfryn too, which is lovely and not as hard as it looks - pronounced Tal-vrin

Doilooklikeatourist Fri 21-Dec-12 08:33:18

Llewelyn ( that'll be a good fun one to wind people up ! ) Llew for short
Rory ( not Welsh , I know )

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