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Is Theadora

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rachel234 Wed 05-Dec-12 18:21:02

Theodora is lovely though!

Polkadotfanatic Wed 05-Dec-12 14:23:43

Thanks guys smile grin

LadyIsabellaWrotham Tue 04-Dec-12 19:58:23

Noooo, looks like a typo

Catsdontcare Tue 04-Dec-12 19:51:13

No use the the right spelling theadora looks odd

MolotovCocktail Tue 04-Dec-12 19:49:12

I looked at the thread title and thought it was a typo-o shock

Definitely spell it as Theodora smile

PurpleTinsel Tue 04-Dec-12 17:44:32

I would use Theodora.

tammytoby Mon 03-Dec-12 18:58:51

I much prefer Theodora! Lovely name.

YouOldSlag Mon 03-Dec-12 18:18:56

I would use the correct spelling otherwise people will think you can't spell your own daughter's name. I love the name though, good choice! Thea is still the accepted nickname when spelt Theodora

Polkadotfanatic Mon 03-Dec-12 18:15:57 acceptable spelling to use, or would you use the 'correct' or most used spelling - Theodora - ?


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